Bandwidth usage mining ZEC

Fairly new to mining… my current setup is around 200h/s and I’m thinking about growing it up to around 1000h/s.

The thing I’m worried about is internet bandwidth.
Where I’m located (@8000ft up in the mountains) we have very slow internet (1.5MB down/ 0.5MB up).

Does anyone know how much bandwidth mining actual uses? Is there a way to calculate the requirements for 100h/s, 1000h/s, 10,000h/s?

cheers and thanks in advance.

Back in 2013-2014 I use to mine on roughly the same connection, stealing Wifi from my Father-in-law. Modem was around 100ft away. I think you should be ok :slight_smile:

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Pure bandwidth is not the most important factor.

First of all you want to receive updates from the pool as fast as possible and send your shares as fast as possible to avoid stale ones. For this, the latency and physical proximity to the pool is more important. Just try to ping it and see how it behaves.

The good news is that your hashrate doesn’t matter mostly, as the pool will adjust the difficulty so you don’t send too many shares fast at once. But the number of miners matters. If you have 5 of them each is going to be getting a different job and each will be submitting his share. A Zcash share is a bit bigger than from other coins, because it contains the equihash solution.

Some pools let you set a static difficulty. I would suggest you to take advantage of it and set it a bit higher so you save on bandwidth submitting shares, but your shares will be worth more in the end. It’s all about finding a balance.


Did you crack the password or was it given to you? these rigs are so powerful that takes little time to crack wpa password. I know all my neighbors password just for the fun of cracking.


wanna share your technique? lol :popcorn:

Use backtrack. all tools are there. If cant be crack by backtrack use all rigs. :slight_smile: 290x does the job. havent tried it on nano’s.

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So, I have 12x1060 6GB on a rig, but doesn´t know how much this consume of internet (bandwidth and data) per month.
Anyone could help me