Satoshis Treasure Hunt for $1M

Satoshis Treasure Hunt. Worldwide clues to assemble 400 shards of a private key to unlock $1M in Bitcoin. Built by @ericmeltzer (wheatpond), Zcash Founder @secparam, and 18 others.


Dude wut is this?! Looks like fun!

Gunters assemble!

So it begins…

There is a hash in that clue, Ill try feeding it to the cat later (I wonder if that’s overthinking it)

Dude on the thread says it’s a decoding error from the satellite API but none of the other parts of the message appear skewed
I wonder what those characters printed as bytes would be
I also wonder how it was encoded bip, bpsk…(the satellite)

I’m super excited to watch this, maybe even join a team since the clues seem to be spread across the world no single person will be able to solve it.

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One of the clues they point out are capital letters in the Satoshi’StrEasure[dot]xyz, SSE
SSE from what I can tell may interpret to be secret space encrypter for Android (which actually looks pretty cool) which points to

Discord join the team :smiley: