Satoshis Treasure Hunt for $1M


Satoshis Treasure Hunt. Worldwide clues to assemble 400 shards of a private key to unlock $1M in Bitcoin. Built by @ericmeltzer (wheatpond), Zcash Founder @imichaelmiers, and 18 others.


Dude wut is this?! Looks like fun!


Gunters assemble!


So it begins…


There is a hash in that clue, Ill try feeding it to the cat later (I wonder if that’s overthinking it)

Dude on the thread says it’s a decoding error from the satellite API but none of the other parts of the message appear skewed
I wonder what those characters printed as bytes would be
I also wonder how it was encoded bip, bpsk…(the satellite)


I’m super excited to watch this, maybe even join a team since the clues seem to be spread across the world no single person will be able to solve it.


One of the clues they point out are capital letters in the Satoshi’StrEasure[dot]xyz, SSE
SSE from what I can tell may interpret to be secret space encrypter for Android (which actually looks pretty cool) which points to

#8 join the team :smiley: