Security Alert: Forums Database Hacked by Bo Shen Hacker

I'm not saying my approach is correct. That's why I posted the comment. I was describing what I've been doing on forums and asking if/why that may be a dumb thing for me to do. Sorry if I didn't communicate that very well.

IMHO its not so much the forum was attack, but that ethereum is still under attack in one way or another... the price is back under $8.00

let's wait and see if someone else gets their eth stolen and causes panic

If anyone is so lazy to use the same password or actually use their phone number on the forum, that is clearly their own fault and they are asking to get hacked.

I used to be into the whole ETH thing. I outgrew it pretty quick. I'm not anyone to say if the technology is there or if it is all hype, but what became clear to me is that they betrayed their principles when the DAO happened. That's when I stopped running full nodes and mining and ETH became to me just a way to profit by day trading.

Best decision I've ever made. Great profits, and looking back now I feel very comfortable with my assessment. The community is shattered and the price reflects it.

Unfortunately I'm getting the same feelling with zcash, because of the Blockchain Foundation thing and zooko's comments on Twitter.. I'm still mining though, and still running full nodes.

Bitcoin has never made me feel betrayed in any way, and I see the rift between small/big blockers as a good thing, specially because of how clear it is that bitcoin is almost impossible to change. This is good. Stability is reliability IMO, and that makes it a safe place to keep value stored.

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what comments specifically?

and yes, in a way, bitcoin being hard to change due to difficulty reaching consesus actually helps bitcoin in a lot of ways.

All i know is I asked him (zooko) to do an AMA video with me and he declined saying he was too busy.. but then I see him off on other things like blockchannel doing exactly that.. so obviously not too busy... instead of helping people that have backed zcash since testnet (AHEM) he goes off and does interviews elsewhere... kind of low if you ask me..

he doesn't seem as honest as I originally thought

which sucks because we are supposed to trust ZCash... hard to trust when they are not direct and honest.

Now he is going to do an AMA on the forums.. well.. buddy.. your one month too late - no one is left on these forums now LOL ROFL WTF... i have no interest in taking part now... FFS its christmas time, we should be spending it with friends and family, not on a zcash forum to talk with devs...

Not too long ago (maybe a week back or something) he was on Twitter talking about "legitimate" use cases for zcash and "normal" users and how anyone on the media should think twice about zcash being Dark Net Market friendly.

This was a very short time after the announcement regarding zcash and the Blockchain Foundation. I personally find it just terrible that developers feel the need to get into politics and be nosy about what a cryptocurrency is for. Why not let the users and the market decide? The mere fact that they are aligning with the BF speaks terrible about this. If zcash is truly untraceable when it comes to z_addresses, then what good is it to even mention the BF? It gives a VERY bad impression, specially since we have to trust them with the initial setup of the zcash genesis block... Just think about it.

Now, regarding zooko's tweets, even if he's the face of zcash.. what makes him the judge of who gets to use zcash and for what purposes? The worst thing was that zcash's z_addresses have had problems from the very beginning, and this guy is talking about "legitimate use cases", when the ONLY real use case for zcash is privacy, and the thing is broken!

Now z_addresses are supposedly fine, but between the politics and first impressions gone wrong, I'm starting to look where to point my hashing power to.

yeah i agree, it makes people question the entire trusted set up... is it really as they say?

and that really was a horrible start for zcash, to have broken the one thing that was supposed to make it what it is... again would have to question how well it all really works, does it actually do what it is supposed to do now?

Im already pointing at ETH and monero and selling for BTC :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone who is actually holding zcash is just stupid at this point (or earlier)

some users on here were saying hold hold hold when it was around 100$.. and time has continued to prove them wrong...

In my honest opinion we can probably trust monero more for anonymity in the long run... rCT should help with that...

and otherwise... there will never be another bitcoin. bitcoin will always be #1 for crypto... so anyone who thought ZCash would be worth as much as bitcoin one day... just forget it.

It surprised me that in his tweets he sounded surprised about the Bo Shen hack.. that it scared him
"Bo Shen robery really scared me. Bo is one of our beautiful stable of investors [he is a horse? i thought he was a whale? have you seen his face - he is anythying but beautiful buddy! LOL]... and this shows that theives are actually attacking people like us!

wow thanks for the heads up... i didnt realize that people holding 100,000$ online would be targets of hacks and theft! LOL.. is he serious? he needed bo shen to get robeed to realize that ? LOL WTF

and about politics, he is about as far left as you can get:
"My beloved leftist friends, focused on the "fake news" motes in the eyes of rightists, please read:" give me a f-ing break...

"“Trump Is Already Implementing an Autocratic Foreign Policy”—"
does he honestly think clinton and her rapist husband and rip off foundation would have been better LOL WTF! maybe he should visit HAITI!!


no wonder he is upset Trump won and the Shilltons lost! LOL ROFL!

and is this retweet a joke?
"This vial of cybers directly ties Putin to 2016 election hacks."
cause its not funny, .. liberals... bad humor

adn this tweet
"The latest fake news that I see ripping through my tweeps like wildfire is the one about someone dumping LMT 6 mins before Trump's tweet."

leftists think trump should stop tweeting.. maybe the leftists should stop tweeting....

"Somebody asked me for a payment processor to facilitate receiving Zcash payments (or in their case, donations). Does anyone know of one?" zooko tweets on dec 9th
... meanwhile on Nov 29th he hearted my comment:

is his memory that bad? WTF seriously WTF? or is that just his leftist way of showing people what I initially showed him? i mean come on buddy, give credit to where credit is due... you initially found out from ME

meanwhile, later in his tweets he tweets out the thread that my coinpayments comment was in (again, which he hearted and knew full well about) as his "favorite thread"

if its your favorite thread buddy... how the F did you forget I mentioned coinpayments???????????????????????????? its just not honest.. not trustworthy..

dont worry zooko, no one really uses zcash for payments... people only ditch it for bitcoin! i received a total of one ZCash payment so far... bitocin #1, ETH #2, and ive received more funds with Monero than ZCash! so monero for the win there! LOL ROFL

I honestly feel like the ZCash devs have NO CREATIVITY of their own... they just get ideas from others.. even ZCash was a blatant bitcoin copy with bitcoin in the actual ZCash code!

they get ideas from others and then take credit for them themselves

bitcoin copy s#!t coin....

Youtube install videos...



I really wonder if they get any ideas on their own! LOL

and still NO WINDOWS WALLET WTF get some priorities buddy

oh snap, sorry I forgot... your funders are your priority... NOT US

"all coins are created equal"


sorry we are not all leftists

he should really leave politics out of his company tweets

I'm sure there are a lot of people who support and mine ZCash today that would drop it in a second if they read his tweets

PS screen shots have been taken of this comment :grinning: :smiling_imp:

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No worries man. You see the truth now- this coin is bullshit. Imagine how much worse you would feel if you were one of the investors?

We have all be caught out with the hype thinking zcash would give us freedom to use as we like on what we like without been spying on by governments, instead this coin is designed to make investors rich and the rich richer with the real work been done by community left fighting over the scraps

yeah i guess so, well they can always pretend they got hacked and take a tax break I guess.. probably what bo shen did...

seems like it

whats for sure is the devs would still be unemployed without it LOL :smiling_imp:

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This is I thought when I heard first time about Zcash...

Being a company with investors...
And $2M... is a lot of money in payrolls

I don't know what will happen to Zcash but we can see the preview now!

Yesterday most of the founder's reward was transfered.

I guess we know what the boshen ethereum forum hacker is doing :smiling_imp::zcash:

What comments of mine on twitter turn you off?

And what do you mean "the Blockchain Foundation thing"? Do you mean the Zcash Foundation? What is it about the Zcash Foundation that gives you a bad feeling?

I really was busy (and really tired of doing podcasts/interviews!) when you asked. Also I wasn't sure I wanted to do the thing you proposed. But I recorded the Blockchannel podcast before that.

Have a Merry Christmas with your friends and loved ones! :slight_smile:

Oh, you mean the Blockchain Alliance. Like I said, my main goal in engaging with them is to educate them about the technology and — frankly — to let them know that it would be a waste of their time and ours if they sent a subpoena to we devs asking for information about a user. Another thing I really like about the Blockchain Alliance is that they are tuned in to ongoing criminal activities like key theft and ransomware, and learning about those activities can inform us how to protect ourselves and how to design future technologies that protect users from such things.

Maybe we should take the discussion of my politics to twitter? Or…somewhere else? Or nowhere? :wink:

I particularly mean the comments where you talk about "normal users" and "legitimate use cases". Maybe later I'll dig around on Twitter so I can post links. But what I don't like is the fact that developers feel the need to comment on this topics. IMO they muddy the waters and potentially turn investors away.

I know we all feel very strongly and have strong opinions on controversial topics and we are all entitled to voice them, but in your case, you being pretty much the PR face for zcash, voicing your opinions can have consequences on zcash adoption.

Cryptocurrencies are political tools by nature, but I just wish developers could strictly remain on the technical side of things.

The Blockchain Alliance thing is another good example regarding my concerns. The BA is a wholly political institution. You say that you engaged them for other reasons. IMO I have yet to see a good outcome to emerge from relationships like this in the cryptocurrency sphere. Now, hopefully I'm wrong this time. But politicians have always their own agendas in mind, regardless of the zcashco intentions. A good example is the Bitcoin Foundation and it's fruitless engagements with regulators.

i think admins said its best not to discuss politics on here

and since we all dont think the same, personally I think we should leave politics on twitter to Trump... i'm not a twit, I dont even use twitter. To each his own...

I live in a country where people don't even vote... I just think that since your twitter account is connected to ZCash that maybe its best to leave politics out of it? honestly I think most people dont care to read tweets about eating meat and fake news... one day they will call crypto fake-currency..

I only watch US politics for a laugh... to see how dumbed down people have become... the fluoride takes its toll... the eye is shut... they walk asleep.. Trump is going to make an awesome TV show out of his next 8 years in the presidents office... it will really be fun to watch, already is fun to watch and he is not even in office yet.

im going to go watch Star Wars, you didn't like star wars as a child? did the other boys get all the toys? you missed out bud.

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no problem, we all get busy, my bones are aching
thanks for not censoring, i respect that
glad you can actaully reply instead of not talking about things and hiding them.
thats what a grown-up does... leftist babies usually censor things and ignore them.

There is a perception on here that not allowing certain comments discourages their posting
I think that proper replies is better, as that will not only discourage certain kinds of posts, but shows strength in the ability to overcome those posts.

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." - Neitzsche

It's like the internal servers for the NSA getting hacked, it's all of our personal info, and if the NSA gets hacked that won't make the US look good. IE don't try to rebuttal my example you trolls it's a good enough explanation and you got my point now move along to trolling Bo more.

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When I first read the topic I thought you meant Bo Shen was the hacker​:joy::joy: