Vitalik's Updated Statement on Privacy

Nice to see his opinion on this but not surprising knowing his interest in Zcash tech. Shame he wants to go PoS with ETH and away from PoW.

Going POS on Ethereum isn’t that huge of a thing really. It was always in the road map from my understanding. Otherwise Ethereum would never have a finite supply…which would eventually be “bad” for it’s value and longevity of the coin.

I’ve always been curious how that will play out. There is a major part of crypto that hasn’t been addressed yet: coin-loss over time.

People losing their wallet keys, people die without passing them on, laptops get thrown away…etc.
Eventually, that will make an impact. I think it already does, but the “HODL” mentality is still dominant in crypto so it isn’t really noticed. I think once adoption becomes more regular I expect this to start being a real consideration. I believe in the long run we might see more models like ETH that don’t have a supply limit built-in.
Might be another decade or two before that starts being a consideration though.