Security problem with pools

Listing pools from the most popular to the least is the worst idea ever if you want to have any sort of security as a cryptocurrency. With the same sense of security, developers could as well have just set up 2, or 3 servers for 1 ZCash/month to host the ledger and that would have all the same effect, except without a gigantic 10%/month hyperinflation overhead.

We now have a situation where 2 pools mine 70% of the blocks and top 6 mine 90%. So it seems to me that either devs take security lightly, or 10%/month hyperinflation.

Okay, so nobody gives a damn, got it.

I mean, I care, but I only have a single GPU mining, so I make almost no impact.

You can join a small pool that makes <1% of blocks and you're going to make as much $ in the long run, but the network is going to be safe. Blocks times are 2.5min, so if you're not planning to mine for 5 minutes of your lifetime you should be fine not using a large pool like Flypool, which generated 8+ blocks in a row multiple times.

The only reason why you have to wait 100 blocks for your transactions to be considered approved is this mere fact. If all pools mined <1% waiting 10 blocks would have been more secure than waiting 200 is right now.

There should be thousands of pools if we want security. As the tech moves forward and most new cryptotokens use the crappy "proof of work", I'm thinking that I should probably make a pool of my own. Even though I think "proof of work" sucks, but unfortunately people in the crypto market don't simply look for what's technically superior.

Hi everyone,

I'm testing a new pool for zcash at

The pool is anonymous, no registration required and for te next month I will apply 0% fee.

i need to get more mining power to validate te configuration, so sameone can help me configuring minig rig to my pool?

Port: 3032
Username: t-address.workername
Password: anything

Thanks in advance.
Sincerely NetAck

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NetAck, tried a bit, but then your website (not mining pool) became pretty unresponsive, so I figured your server is having a rough time... =/

But I fully support your intent. We need more pools and we need miners mining in different pools. I personally don't have any problem with gambling, if the chance of not mining a single block in a week is <10%, which translates to 1/1800 of sum hashrate that's fine with me. This is currently 111KSol/s which is something like 250x GTX 1080 mining.

Which isn't that small of a number, I must note, though! 2.5x GTX 1080 on zClassic are actually something I can pull off on my own, but getting some 200 initial miners is pretty darn hard. On the part of ZCash developers it would help a lot if they lowered block times further.