Seeing Sol/s before full blockchain downloads

When I start up the zcashd I’m seeing Sol/s before the full blockchain downloads. In the past the Sol/s would be 0 until the full blockchain was downloaded.

Does this mean I’m mining on an old block?

Is there a CLI command that let’s me see the block I’m mining?

Will someone test this on their system to see if they see the same behavior?

Running the Mac port. 1.0.3

that is a weird one, I"m not sure

none of the mining code was touched in my port, so whatever is going on it shouldn’t be mac specific

Does this happen on your machine or is it just me. :slight_smile:

I’m not mining on it, so I don’t know if it would do that or not! And I keep the chain on it synced all the time so when I need to stop zcashd to test new releases I’m not stuck resyncing forever (aside from when I test a new release on a VM)

Has anyone on their Lynux release tested this? Are you seeing Sol/s before the blockchain syncs?