Zcashd miner shows 0 Sols/s

Is it normal for a miner to run for a couple of hours with a Sols/s rate of 0? Granted, it is only an old workstation doing CPU mining but still I was expecting a non-zero value. The image below shows only a few minutes of runtime but I did leave it running for a couple of hours yesterday - only the validated transactions number was growing. Wondering if I am missing something basic in the settings or just being impatient.

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The miner won’t actually be running at that point, as it waits while you are still synchronising the blockchain (current height is over 82,000). Once your local chain is up-to-date, the miner will start. The reason this isn’t reflected in the UI is that I implemented the simplest thing possible for the 1.0.0 launch, which was num_solutions_found/time_since_start. A more accurate metric would be to wait until the miner actually starts for the first time before starting the timer and rendering anything - see Metrics screen gives no feedback that mining is suspended while updating chain · Issue #2139 · zcash/zcash · GitHub.