Seeking hardware donations for ports!

Hey there everyone, I’m stalled out in some of my porting efforts by needing additional hardware. Number one on the list is an Android phone with enough RAM to run a full node. One with an arm64 processor would be best, but one with an x86 would work too, at least for getting going on the build system changes (I’ll be using Termux). Keep in mind that if its an ARM processor phone it must be aarch64 (full ARMv8 instruction set)!

Also, the dev system I have access to for arm64 builds got its OS upgraded to something newer than Debian Jesse, so a Pine64 or Mustang board for me to do linux arm builds on would also be great (I’m stalled out on updating the arm64 port to 1.0.4 as the build env I have access to is effectively busted for my purposes :frowning: ).

If anyone has an older Mac that can run Sierra with at least 4 gigs of RAM (old Mac Mini or similar would be ideal), that’d also be great.

Thanks everyone, the more gear I have, the more platforms I can get ports built and tested for! Give us your tired, your old, you not-quite-fast-enough-for-you hardware! PM me for shipping address! (or do “whois”, whichever :slight_smile: )

Donations in cryptocurrencies or fiat are of course also nice, we’re still wondering how we’ll make rent for January! see for btc/ltc/eth/zec and paypal addresses!

Thanks everyone, and have Happy Holidays! Stay warm mining!

-David Mercer
Tucson, AZ

PS Mac users, checkout if you missed it, 100% GUI, no command line needed to run a full node wallet!

PPS Yes, we’re still working on our Windows port, but need your support to continue it! Make my Xmas, I need 2 BTC to keep going and pay rent!


I have an old Motorola Razr MAXX sitting in a drawer I can donate if it would help you.

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I have an ODROID C2 (Cortex A53, aarch64) - - that is chronically underutilized at the moment; would that be helpful?

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the Razr MAXX is 32 bit, but thanks for offering!

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Yes, I can do port updates and builds on that! Some guys in the arm community have give me tips on doing builds on boards that wouldn’t otherwise have enough RAM (that has 2gigs, and zcash normally needs 4 gigs to build), so that’d be awesome!

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