Sell/Trade my single fan 1060

Looking to trade or sell my 1060 6GB Single Fan.
Works like a charm. Bought it not to long ago. Haven't really used it much.
Only reason I'm selling/trading it is because I bought a 3 fan 1060.

Will trade for $200 and hashpower of the buyer. Can go lower on cost due to time/days you can provide for hashing.

I bought it for $450CAD
Heres the deals.
$300 you pay the freight

  1. $200 and you lend me hashpower for specified days.
  2. Depending on how many days of hashpower you can provide, Either I pay the freight or we split it.
    Like if you can only provide 1 day then we would split the freight. Anything over 1 day then I would pay the freight.

We can also work out a different deal aswell.

Please let me know if your interested

Sure. I'm paying USD and I can give you hash power now. Will give 48 MH/s for 24hrs. email me REMOVED

If you do 175 USD shipped and ship now I'll start it now.

I'll have to think about it. Might wait to see if anymore offers pop up.

If I do. I can't ship out until Monday unless I schedule a pickup for a shipping company.

Deffinately a deal I will consider.

That offered hashrate is very low. I would do $235USD at that hashrate.

how much would you want up front for a 500 h/s rate for 1 month?

You pay the freight. That's it.

If no1 wants it I'll be getting rid of it locally. I'd keep it for when my new 1060 comes in. But my riser cards or extender cards or whatever you call them wont be here till mid next month or augest. So get this while it's hot or deal is done and will be sold locally.

Email me REMOVEd

$215 shipped and I'll hash 1 day.

I would bet anyone who is offering you so much as above ^^ is going to ghost after the transaction. I don't think someone is giving you hash for 1 month.

Could be wrong.

Send a time-stamped pic please.

Unfortunately guys. After last night my riser was shipped. So i think i might decide to keep the 1060 for further hashing as a constant hashrate above 800 is better than just for 1 day or 1 month.

If down the road i decide to sell it. I'll repost here.

Very sorry. Thought it was going to take alot longer for my 1060 to become shipped.