Selling RX470s, RX480s and GTX 1070s [BRAND NEW, NEVER USED]

I’m unsure if this is the right category?
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Anyways, I have some brand new, never used GPUs, and I’m trying to sell them, you can check them out here

RX 470



Note, every single item here has never been used at all, and they’re all completely NEW!!
Except for the RX480 which is manufacturer refurbished.


For anyone reading this - unless the box is unopened/factory sealed there is no way you can trust and you should assume that cards here are used or have been used for mining if even briefly. Further, the warranty may not transfer from the original purchaser.

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1 GTX1070 and 1 GTX470 are sealed and have never been opened, I have opened the other ones to check the contents when they arrived.

Since the purchase is over ebay, you’re covered with buyer protection for 6 months.

  • I can sign my PGP key or my address from my green trust bitcointalk account with over 30 BTC in trades to prove I am legit.

5 hours until the auctions end!!