EVGA 1080 Ti GPU's For Sale or Whole Rigs for Sale

I’ve got 16 EVGA 1080 Ti SC or SC2 cards for sale (about 75% SC2), and 8 EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 Hybrid’s. Alternately, I am willing to sell up to 3 eight GPU rigs if anyone is interested.

All parts are less than 10 months old, all kept in climate controlled environment and never overheated. All cards have a transferable 3 yr warranty from the manufacturer.

The parts are available in Kenner, LA (Suburb of New Orleans). They were bought in batches. The hybrid cards are almost brand new.

I have invoices, from mostly Newegg, on all of the parts.

pm your price for all 24 cards.

What are the prices for these cards?

850 for the SC/SC2 cards and 1000 for the SC2 Hybrids (they’re almost new).

Yikes! 850us for a used card with a new msrp of 750us. Good luck to you selling. Sorry for the guys that buy at that price in today’s market, difficulty and new version of nvidia cards dropping in the next few months.

Still better than what people are trying to sell them for around my area haha! People are trying to sell 1080ti’s for 900-1000 in my area (Not the hybrid cards). I’ll find an example… “EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC GAMING Black Edition Graphics Card” 1000 bucks. I understand Craigslist isn’t the best place to get cards but come on! Craziness I tell you.
Edit: I keep an eye on CL for good deals… those cards have been on there for weeks lol.

If people could buy them for 750 then people wouldn’t be selling new ones for up to 1600 each, new.

Yeah very true. I don’t blaming you for selling it for that much I was just saying for me that’s actually a good price. I saw FE cards going for like 1200 around me… and people were buying them! WHY?!
Edit: sorry went off topic! I’ll let you know if I can fit these in my budget. I’m currently trying to sell some cards and if I get them sold then I’ll definitely be looking for an upgrade :slight_smile:

I can’t believe that anyone that knows anything about mining would spend 1600 on a card. Only complete noobs would do that. At today’s price and difficulty the roi is 12 months for 850. So you would be buying a used card that might or might not qualify for warranty(manufactures are already making warranties void if they suspect other then factory oc) That is pretty risky in my books. Good for you if you can offload them onto someone that does not do return on investment calculations. And 1600?? That would be perhaps 2 years to make the money back. Nvidia will drop the 2000 series in a few months. 40% faster. And msrp for top line will be about 900. Most sane people will wait. But again good luck finding a buyer.

I just enjoy playing with all the high end hardware. :joy:

Hey if someone wants to buy one for gaming that is awesome. If someone wants to buy a bunch to make money mining, that is a pipe dream. It’s too late to be buying the 10xx they are end of life according to nvidia. There is a big reason that they are expensive and hard to get. The factories have all moved to producing the 20xx series. Once they drop, the market will be flooded with cheap used 10xx cards.

I feel those are quite fair prices. How many Equihash Sols/s are you getting on with them?

I’m getting 730-740ish a cycle.

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With zec at 250 and the difficulty at 10m the roi on $1000 1080ti is lonnggggg. Current profit per day of $1.50 So if nothing changes almost 2 years of mining to pay off a card. Ouch.

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I agree. It looks dire, but I drank the Kool-Aid and envision a day where hyperbitcoinization drives the price of altcoins to the stratosphere…and beyond. :rocket:

…or maybe I just think water-cooled cards are sexy. :heart_eyes:

The 1080 ti cards will be solid mining Zec for at least another year as long as ASICs aren’t introduced. Further, the exchange rates fluctuate wildly in both directions so it’s impossible to say when/if someone will or won’t make back their money. E.g., I fully expect Zec to reach 2-5k, and at that potential price buying any card right now does make sense.

While it’s a possibility, I would prefer to wait for the 20xx series. It’s only months away. You can buy zec now for cheaper than the cost to mine. If you believe that zec will be 2 to 5k why not by 4 zec for 1000 us right now? Surely that is a better deal than the card.

Correct, but you forget two things: Consumer-grade mining components will retain some value after you’re finished mining (sell cards to recoup some costs) and two, you can write-off the cost of the card as a business expense.

For people with tax liabilities from mining income or capital gains, buying hardware can be “discounted” if you’re reducing your tax exposure.

This can work out to getting cheaper coins than if you just bought them and held outright. I agree that buying and holding right now is a smart move also though. :slight_smile:

In the current market the best return in my opinion is the coin going out 6 months. The cards could be worth a lot less. A lot of people don’t have the setup to use as tax write off. At this point if someone believes in zec long term, it would be best to start scaling into the coin verse the card. If you have 5000 that you would use on a rig you could start buying here at $250 with $1000, buy $1000 more at $225 and so on if it goes lower. If zec makes it to 1000 as I think it will late this year, you could make 400%

P.s. I don’t give professional investment advice. This is all my opinion