Sending from T address to Z address

I sent some coins from a t-address to a z-address using z_sendmany, and the operation was successful according to z_getoperationresult. However, when I check my balance with z_getbalance, the coins are not there. Also, z_gettotalbalance does not show coins in either T or Z addresses. Does anybody know how this works?

Check the help for the command z_getbalance. The balance by default only shows up after 1 confirmation. You can set it to 0 and it should show the unconfirmed balance. The same is true of z_gettotalbalance.

zcash-cli help z_getbalance
z_getbalance "address" ( minconf )
Returns the balance of a taddr or zaddr belonging to the node’s wallet.
CAUTION: If address is a watch-only zaddr, the returned balance may be larger than the actual balance,
because spends cannot be detected with incoming viewing keys.
1. "address"      (string) The selected address. It may be a transparent or private address.
2. minconf          (numeric, optional, default=1) Only include transactions confirmed at least this many times.

If still having issues post the txid.

Yep, that was the issue. Thanks! Now, I’m wondering why it takes so long for a confirmation… I submitted this transaction hours ago.

How many inputs does the transaction have? You can see this on a block explorer.

The transaction is not appearing on the block explorer. I realized that my zcash daemon crashed after I created the transaction.
Do shielded transactions still use a large amount of computing resources? I’m having trouble finding documentation for this stuff?

…Maybe Zooko is right to prioritize zcash privacy over mining fairness at this point.

Yes, circa ~1.7GB of RAM currently plus around 40 seconds to complete.

You said z_getoperationresult was successful? Did it return “status”:”success” and a txid?