Sending payments to poloniex t address?

can i send my ZEC strait to poloniex from mining? creating a wallet is a nightmare right now.

You can but it is not recommended for two reasons.

1: Security. Poloniex controls your money when you send it there. If Poloniex goes down or is “hacked” your money is gone. See Mt. Gox, Cryptsy, Bitfinex…

  1. Unless you are a big miner with a lot of hash power the tiny amounts you would be sending to Poloniex will be eaten up by the transaction fee they charge for RECEIVING coins. It doesn’t make sense unless you are sending at least 0.01 ZEC or more, at a time.

until a windows wallet is out its my only option, i setup a ubuntu server with zcash but its like a minefield on how to even find my wallet address, i’m confused as to why they didnt release some sort of windows wallet as most people use windows.

Because they are computer scientists and most computer scientists and crypto people use linux. This is bleeding edge technology and bleeding edge technology is always rolled out first for linux and other *nix’s (including OSX) before it is “dumbed down” to Windows.

Hey, if you installed ubuntu on your computer and have zcash running why not just go the extra easy step of installing the GUI wallet here: GitHub - vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui: DEPRECATED: not to be used! - Desktop GUI Wallet for ZCash

It works really well. And the instructions to install it are pretty easy. Let me know if you have any trouble installing it.

There are also other options for wallets in this post. If I were you I’d get the Ubuntu GUI wallet working and then use Jaxx when they add ZCash soon since you can use Jaxx on your phone, across Windows, Mac, Linux through a Chrome browser extension, etc.

More at: Third Party Support at Launch - Electric Coin Company

i appreciate the support, i think ill mine to poloniex until jaxx brings out its zcash wallet, i read a post where someone said jaxx would bring out a wallet the following day, but post was 5 days old, fingers crossed it comes out soon :slight_smile: I fully understand it would be better for me to use the current wallets, but i really feel as i don’t understand linux, i wouldn’t feel safe using it.

You could also try using our service - Cryptonator as we have added support for Zcash just today.

If you feel safer with an exchange holding your money then I can’t help you. It’s one of the most n00b mistakes people make. Then they cry when they lose their money.

If you don’t control your private keys, you don’t control your money. The GUI wallet I linked is more secure than Poloniex. It’s source code can be examined by anyone so you don’t have to “just trust it” like you do with an exchange.

I use that GUI wallet and its fine. It does what it says and nothing more.

Poloniex has been hacked before and will likely be hacked again. Do you feel lucky?

But hey, don’t take my word for it. This guy is a computer security and cryptocurrency expert. He pointed out flaws in the DAO before they were eventually exploited by a hacker.

Here is a recent tweet he posted about Poloniex’s security after a recent security audit:

Read the security audit paper here: Preview of PDF document poloniex by Xavier B - Page 1/4 - PDF Archive

Poloniex also can freeze accounts at will. My girlfriend’s account was frozen for 2 weeeks because their chat filter flagged something she said in the trollbox as malicious, yet never told us what that was. During that time she could deposit but could not trade nor withdraw the Ethereum she deposited. Their support people just kept saying they were “looking into it” each time she asked about it on a freshdesk support ticket. Finally after 14 days she was told she could use her account again. No recourse, no apology.

After both of those things I decided never to leave more on Poloniex than I would be willing to lose. Currently that amounts to less than $10 US.

Good luck. Just like I warned people about the cloud mining companies I’m warning you: Don’t Leave Money On an Exchange if you aren’t actively logged in trading it.

Are you new to crypto? Better learn how this stuff works before you get rekt. Plenty of people out in crypto-land prey upon people like yourself.

i appreciate your feedback, it won’t be left on poloniex, i’m just using it as storage, until a reliable wallet for windows becomes available, i have my bitcoin and ether in local wallets, but as i don’t trust many online wallets including poloniex at least its a place to throw it for now.

And still…nobody answered the question. How sad. Who cares about your personal opinions concerning security. I need to know how to send my coins to a Polo t address so I can trade and exchange them. So…could someone please answer the question instead of going off on tangents about security and other issues which were not part of the question??? THANK YOU

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I tested it myself, it works fine with t-address :slight_smile: and the money they take for holding it is honestly nothing.

I’d also like to see an answer to this question. I don’t see instructions for sending to the t-addr, only to a z-addr, and a vague reference to using Bitcoin RPC for t-address which I don’t understand.

I don’t want to mine directly to an external t-addr, simply send from zcash-cli.

Also can’t find any reference to whether there is a standard zcash network transaction fee.

Thanks anyone who can answer the OP title’s question.

Yes fast ok, use Poloniex for t address For Pools

I don’t want to mine directly to an external t-addr, simply send from zcash-cli.

Also can’t find any reference to whether there is a standard zcash network transaction fee.

Thanks anyone who can answer the OP title’s question.

I answered my own question, and this one as well. Apparently I have to use rpc api calls for Bitcoin. >> Original Bitcoin client/API calls list - Bitcoin Wiki

you know WTF is that why can’t they just give a yes or no instead of trying to tell us how bad that exchange is …when they have Encryption off in there own wallet there is a issue with it sigh …