Poloniex account locked, where to mine?


Recently they sent me some warnings from Poloniex support that I am making deposits and withdrawing the coins without a single exchange. After that they froze my account for withdrawals.

And this was exactly what I was doing, as I was mining ZEC on my GPUs and sending it to Polo address. From there I was on regular basis (recently once a week) taking mined cash and moving to my Jaxx.io wallet.

Recently I changed the t-address to one of my Jaxx ZEC addresses, but I found that Jaxx is as well not happy about it - they are stating in their Decentralized Support.

So the question is: which wallet can I safely (w/out a risk of getting the balance frozen or causing any issues to the service) use for mining? It would be great if I have access to it via web, as I am not always around my mining equipment.

Should I pick other exchange, install some specific software on my mining station or do sth else? I loved Poloniex and I know other uses are using it for mining without any complains from the very beginning, but it seems I just got a bad luck… Maybe trying with second account?

Waht could you suggest? I am mining with Claymore’s Zcash on Windows 10.

Thank you so much!

Why not mine directly to your wallet instead of to an exchange. The point of mining to an exchange is to actually do some coin trading, which you are not.

From Jaxx Zendesk:

Can I point my mining rig payouts to Jaxx?

No, Jaxx is a lightweight wallet that is not designed to receive mining payouts. We do not recommend pointing any mining rig payouts to Jaxx as it may cause issues on your end as well as potentially causing issues on our end.

One transaction sent from your pool is actually composed of several “micro-transactions” that may cause complications.

If you click on the transaction ID of one of your payouts, you’ll see that there’s several inputs as well as outputs so it’s not a simple send / receive transaction that Jaxx is designed for.

Please redirect your mining payouts as soon as possible and perform a cache reset to rectify this issue.

So it looks like they actually don’t recommend it as well… This is my concern - does it really matter?

What is more, I needed to take one of the addresses which are changing each transaction and hardcode it in my mining bat file. And in the other place they stated:

Static (non-HD) wallets stick to using a single address for all transactions. While that’s simpler, address reuse greatly undermines your privacy.

Is it really unsafe to reuse the address for mining configuration?

I wrote about GUI wallet and it looks nice, but I think there is still no Windows version - or am I wrong?

It is for mobile. No windows wallet i think

Are you refering i.e. to Waterhole.io, or some other specific wallet? Can you please provide more details?

Yes Waterhole.io wallet (202020202) ,You can click the link above for more details

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maybe try this https://www.cryptonator.com/about/

Hi @bb98b15a have you though about using a hardware wallet like nano s. There cheap and support lots of coins as well as zcash, I use Ledger nano s and just send my zcash from pool straight to my nano s wallet with no issues and never have to worry about been hacked