Sent 2 ZEC to ETH address, now gone?


I used Jaxx to receive ZEC, worked perfectly fine. What just happend:

  • I sent 2 ZEC to a ETH address (ShapeShift)
  • It’s gone from my Jaxx wallet
  • The Transaction History says Sent to : XXXXXX
  • After 20m still 0 confirmations
  • When i click the link on the transaction ID, i’m beeing routed to a ZChain page that says page not found. (In jaxx i only see a part of the transaction ID, probably because its too long)

Anyone here that knows whats going on? Help!


I noticed i used a rather old client. Used an updated version, my old amount of ZEC showed up, tried another transaction with the new version and worked fine.

Case closed.

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Topic has been resolved.