Server Error on first start up

I am getting the error below when I go start start up Zcash for the very first time. I did the short test and it passed, but I think my issue is more in my lack of linux knowledge. Any help would be appreciated.

root@michael-Satellite-S875:/home/michael/zcash# ./src/zcashd -daemon
Zcash server starting
root@michael-Satellite-S875:/home/michael/zcash# Error: To use bitcoind, or the -server option to bitcoin-qt, you must set an rpcpassword in the configuration file:
It is recommended you use the following random password:
(you do not need to remember this password)
The username and password MUST NOT be the same.
If the file does not exist, create it with owner-readable-only file permissions.
It is also recommended to set alertnotify so you are notified of problems;
for example: alertnotify=echo %s | mail -s “Bitcoin Alert”

You need to create a zcash.conf file in your root .zcash folder.

Before we can run Zcash we have to create a new directory and place a configuration file with some parameters in it. To do this first open your Home directory by clicking the files icon on the Launcher. Inside your home directory you see several files like pictures, documents, etc, and of course the important zcash folder. But you also need to see the Hidden Files in this directory. Use CTRL+H to show the hidden files in any directory. You will notice that Linux treats any file starting with a period “.” at the beginning of its name as a hidden folder.

Zcash looks for configurations in a hidden folder called .zcash so we can make one by Right-Clicking and create a New Folder, Now name that folder .zcash . Next we open up that .zcash folder and create a document inside of it; Right-Click again to create New Document–>Empty Document.

This document will be your primary configuration file for Zcash so we need to enter this information into the document:


Click on Save and then name that file you just created zcash.conf Now you have a configuration file for Zcash. This zcash.conf file you just made is very important since tells Zcash several things like your username, password, the node to connect to, if you are on a testnet , etc…

Now that we have a configuration file we can start Zcash:

./src/zcashd -daemon

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Yeah - these were the directions I was following. Only question is do you create the .zcash folder in the zcash folder? Or just in the home directory. I did it in the home directory.

The .zcash folder needs to be in the home directory. Same directory as zcash, but not in zcash.

OK. That’s what I thought. That’s where it is. Any other suggestions?