Server stops unexpectedly (latest version)

Hey, so I have the latest version (the one listed in the Alpha guide). I fire it up:

$ ./src/zcashd -daemon

It starts running. I can see that it’s downloading blocks via:

$ ./src/zcash-cli getinfo

Then after about 1 minute the server silently stops. I issue the getinfo command again and get the error:

error: couldn't connect to server

Anyone else experiencing this?

What’s in your debug.log file ?

I might be having a similar issue. My debug.log has multiple entries like this:

2016-05-31 05:56:17 Cannot connect to ubqj4rsu3nqtxmtp.onion:18333: unsupported network

Unless it’s baked in to zcashd, I wouldn’t expect this computer to have access to an onion address.

The onion connection warnings will be gone in the next release, but it’s unlikely that those are related to the node hanging or crashing.