Zcashd unresponsive and stuck while downloading blocks

Hello Zcash experts,

I normally keep a full node running, but I noticed that my v5.0 node was unresponsive and appeared to be downloading blocks, even though the metrics for validated transactions continued to update. The node would not stop with “zcash-cli stop”, so I rebooted the machine. When I restarted zcashd, it got stuck in the same state for some days, so I decided to reboot and upgrade to v5.1. I am running the linux binary.

Anyway, the v5.1 node now appears to be stuck in the same state with no progress:

 Downloading blocks | 1738653 (1741789 headers) / ~1743530 (99%)
                    | [                                                  ]
       Next upgrade | Unknown
        Connections | 3

Network solution rate | 8.212 GSol/s

Since starting this node 5 hours, 6 minutes, 25 seconds ago:

  • You have validated 25855 transactions!

And “zcash-cli stop” and “zcash-cli getwalletinfo” just hang with no output.

Any suggestions to get my full node working again?

Have you checked the storage? The chain has grown much faster recently.

Try reindexing?

–thx for your replies. Miraculously, “just wait”, turned out to be the solution. After waiting overnight, the node is now responsive and the download appears complete.


99% of the scan weight is in the last few weeks after about 1.73 million blocks. CPU and time can do the job with zcashd or ywallet.