Set up your own private stratum pool


Yes, I have changed port to 7777 and miner can be connect correctly.
Block heigh | 27360 , but i don't know how to check the blocks are being updated:sweat:


If you run
./ZEC/pool_frontend_zcash/x86_64-Linux/pool_frontend_zcash ~/.zcash/zcash.cfg

then you should see in there when a new block is coming. When block height is increasing in
./ZEC/zcash/src/zcashd -p2pport=12201
then you should also see that a new block is initiated in
./ZEC/pool_frontend_zcash/x86_64-Linux/pool_frontend_zcash ~/.zcash/zcash.cfg
or else you have missed somthing and I think it can be a misspell or forget to put you username instead of "user" in the instructions.


After hardware replacement my is back up!

Im also continue on my campaign "Hunt for the blocks" on this weekend.

If I find the first block on I will reward all miners that have participated.

5 ZEC (50%) of block reward will distributed to all the miners that have pointed there mining rig at
3 ZEC (30%) of block reward will be sent to one lucky winner in a lottery draw
1 ZEC (10%) will go to finder of next block. If I found it I will add that one also to the next block finder so it will be 2 ZEC

I put my miners at seed of approximately 5000sol/s

To participate just PM or mail me at your zcash t-address and I will send you your reward.


What's the problem why not increase the balance. Advise something.
"WARNING: check your network connection..."


when was that exactly? i ask because right now the block height is at 30872? and yours says 21052!!


one hour ago, it testnetiю.


ah ok.. was just wondering :slight_smile:

i myself have not found any blocks ... and was too lazy to put it on testnet to see it working ... but maybe @voxelot can help you out here!


this massage is norm?


what are these from? they are not from the pool!?


my pool is runing normal but how to know the Sols/s on pool?


In the log terminal you se ut says power, that's your total pool power.


Who knows how to change the stratum diff from 0x00800?
I tried modify the value STATIC_DIFF, but it does not bring results. Perhaps this something else.


See this github issue. It's hardcoded in the setTarget stratum message.


There have comments.

void stratumSendSetTarget(poolContext *context, aioObject *socket)
char message[256];
// TODO: take minimal share from context, don't send
// 0080000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
snprintf(message, sizeof(message),
"{\"id\": null, \"method\": \"mining.set_target\", \"params\": [\"%s\"]}\n",

aioWrite(context->base, socket, message, strlen(message), afWaitAll, 0, 0, 0);

Does anyone know How correctly rewrite the code, to take minimal share from context? )


hi, i've never setup a mining pool.... so i'm a noob....

i've run all of the commands and the blockchain has sync'd

but i cannot see what i do after this, i've followed the steps:



echo "starting up ZEC Pool"

echo "Starting ZEC node"
/usr/bin/screen -dmS "zecnode" ./ZEC/zcash/src/zcashd -p2pport=12201

echo "Starting Frontend"
/usr/bin/screen -dmS "zecpool" ./ZEC/pool_frontend_zcash/x86_64-Linux/pool_frontend_zcash ~/.zcash/zcash.cfg

echo "Starting Rest API"
/usr/bin/screen -dmS "zecapi" ./ZEC/poolrestapi/x86_64-Linux/poolrestapi ~/.zcash/poolrestapi.cfg

echo "Starting Nginx"
sudo nginx/sbin/nginx

and saved it.....

what now? the local IP it asks for is that the VPS ip or my own local ip?

Please help, i have managed to get this far, but can't get past this final hurdle.....


Trying to set up ZCash Mining pool on uNOMP and getting these two errors:

1) Daemon does not own pool address - payment processing can not be done with this daemon
2) invalid address length for

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


How did you generate the address and did you put them in the config file?


The local IP if referring to local IP of pool. Did you run the script and what was the out come?


we generated the z addresses through zcash cli
we generated the t addresses thought

We put the test addresses in the zcash.json file under pool_configs

Yes we ran init.js and got "Payment processing cannot initialize"


you have to generate the addresses via the pool daemon, then it will own them.
Also, which version did you use? 1.0.3 or 1.0.4.? If you just built the pool then you are using 1.0.4. 1.0.4 does not seem to work with these pools.