Set up your own private stratum pool


logged in as user admin, when using zcash-cli, we get zaddress or is there are different way which you are referring?


use the zcash-cli that is part of your pool, the z & 2 t addresses you will need. do not use a separate wallet or anything like jaxx
You should be in the zcash dir under your user work dir user/zec/zcash when running zcash-cli


thank you so much, one last thing, should we be on as a root or on admin user?


no root, only if admin is your user: home/admin/ZEC/zcash is where the daemon is run and addresses are created.


when did you build the pool? was it before the zcash update a few days ago?


we built the pool on uNOMP about a week ago


do you remember what version zcash was? 1.0.4 does not work with these pools yet.


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are you still on 1.0.3?


we have version 1.0.0

we go to sudo node init.js and we get this error:

return process.dlopen(module, path._makeLong(filename));

Error: Module did not self-register.


Yes, I tried out the new one but it would not work.



thank you for replying, so the local ip is for the VPS.... not the local ip of my mining computer?

You asked whether i had run a script, which script are you referring too? in the instructions at the top of this thread?



also in config file it asks for various wallet address... i've just used my own wallet address... it's a t address and not a z address.....where it asks for a z' address do i just leave that blank between ""?


also how do i find the port on my vps to point the mining rigs too? is it the 3357 port i configured as part of the instructions?


addresses will need to be generated by your pool daemon. your own wallet address will not work, see above posting. port 3357 if that is what you used. generate 1 z & 2 t addresses


thanks, how do i generate the addresses through the pool daemon?

Sorry for the questions!



thank you for your support


No problem, I needed help too, so I don't mind.


i'm just running through the setup process.... i've been mining for years, but thought it would be cool to set my own stratum... less fees, more control etc