Set up your own private stratum pool


just did dude...whats up? :slight_smile:


since now downloading zcash will result in getting v.1.0.4 and that does not work with the steps here, I updated to steps for compiling zcash to check for v.1.0.3 ....

I myself have not tested that, neither am i running my private pool right now (been looking into other things for the moment) but i think steps should be ok ....


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all :))))


v1.0.3 fails too. You need to set it past 1.0.2


How come? Wasn't it originally working on 1.0.3?


What is this error "epoll_ctl error, errno: Bad file descriptor" ?
How to fix this error?


and How this error?
"ERROR: AcceptToMemoryPool: inputs already spent"
Did I miss my mined coin?


Ok everybody. I just had something weird happen. built a pool with the v1.0.4, I was not expecting a connection because it would not work the other day with 1.0.4. I have a cpu miner hashing on it at 2.500 sols/s, accepting new jobs, submitting share number 17 just now. But I look in the pool for the worker and it's not there. Pool does not show any activity at all. I'm 100% sure I'm hashing on the correct pool. Just posting for info now. Also my 1.0.3 pool corrupted the blockchain, had to rebuild, is working now.

Note: still hashing 2.675 sols, accepted # 36, submitting # 37. will look into the setting on the 1.0.4 pool for the no show reason.


No, I just saw it in my log. I don't know what it is, but I'm nowhere near getting a block with 2.5 sols.


I'm not sure, it was probably just a local build issue since others are seeming to be able to compile on higher versions. But I didn't think that would matter so I'm not sure whats going on. I may try to revisit sometime.


Anyone know how to check witch version is running?


if its zcashd you are asking about, then simply look at the deamon when it starts ... it says which version its running


Do you know if there is a command for it?


getinfo ..... maybe ! ... dont have my node running at the moment


I could fiks this problem you need to increase the number of Linux kernel files involved.


Ive setup everything up, how do i create a worker and connect it to the pool? i.e use nheqminer?

nheqminer -l ipaddress:3357 -u ??? -p ???


nheqminer -l ip_pool:3357 -u t1fJG8okDEuvipFbFxxxxxxx.worker_name


Thanks norens, do i not need to create a worker? Thats what im unsure of how to do


emm no, pool will do it for you.


does there any implementation on pool with ssl/tls support?


Thanks Norens. Do you know the zcash-cli to show connected workers?