Setting up ZCash build on windows ubutu shell - - cannot create addres

So if followed all the instructions here:

and everything seems fine the tests pass I can even run

the node and see this

Thank you for running a Zcash node!
You’re helping to strengthen the network and contributing to a social good :slight_smile:

You are currently not mining.
To enable mining, add ‘gen=1’ to your zcash.conf and restart.

Since starting this node 7 minutes, 58 seconds ago:

  • You have validated 47 transactions!

howerver when I try to get an address or show stats
I get the error -
olawal@DESKTOP-AQ143PG:~/zcash$ ./src/zcash-cli getinfo
error: couldn’t connect to server

same thing happens when I try to create an address

I have windows firewall turned off so its not that any ideas ?

I did creat the .Zcash folder as well as the zcash.conf file in my Ubuntu root

please halp


Figured it out there are differenc .conf settings for windows builds

Try ./src/zcashd --daemon

whats the setting? having the same issue

try starting the server first using the command that @cxm suggested above.

did that, still same issue.

sorry missed this you have to turn off ipv6 rounting in the config file sorry cant find the link