Shielded mobile wallet improvement suggestions

Dear shielded wallet developers. Thank you for your work! I would like to make two suggestion’s. Please copy these feature of the ZECWallet mobile companion app!

  1. Please add F-Droid (or APK) support. Privacy focused users often refuse to download apps from the Google or iOS stores.

  2. Please add the ability to connect to your own remote node. Using a mobile waller should not require trusting a node ran by someone else.

Example of the only ZEC wallet that has the above features AFAIK:

Long term I would also love to see a mobile wallet with shielded hardware wallet support (please don’t waste your time on T address Ledger or Trezor support support).


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ZecWallet has a companion app for Android that you can use to connect to your own full node:


Thank you!

This is now officially my favorite Zcash mobile wallet. I see the source and APK. I have edited my OP accordingly

Would be wonderful if it could be added to Fdroid as well! The GrapheneOS community is growing quickly and that would go a long way in making Zcash accessible

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On @NighthawkApps roadmap :smiley:

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Thank you for adding F-Droid support as promised!