Should i buy an Antminer z9 Mini

So my question is the title, should i buy one?
So the price of every Equihash coin will probably drop when it releases and like all others like Antminer L3 it will be hard to make anything above a dollar.
Should i still buy one?

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the only known thing that will occur is that difficulty will increase on all EquiHash coins.

If you have $2200.00 in fiat, btc, bch to risk and are okay with the prospect (possibility) that what you purchase nets you $0.00 in return (if all Equihash coins fork making the Z9 worthless), then yes buy it.

i have the money in btc, zcash founder said he won’t fork, will he really not do that?
can anyone get an estimate at what difficulty zcash will be at after it gets released?

It is your choice to decide what is best in your situation. But please understand @Zooko doesn’t make the decision himself. He has stated his feelings, but that is not by any means Zcash “won’t fork”. They actually have not give a concrete statement one way or the other yet.

If your going to buy, buy them now in batch one. That’s when they are most profitable. And use coupons. I did. Saves a lot if you have the $420 coupons left

This is sound advice if you go down that road.

how do you get coupons?

Don’t know first hand (not a ASIC guy) but if I understand they offer them as you buy their products…so if your a first time buyer…you will either need to buy someone off someone else (obviously for less than they are worth) or pay full price.

i see. Still a very risky investment.

You have had to buy machines from them previously. Of have someone donate you some.
I used all my $420 coupons. I only have $100 coupons left

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It’s up to you how much you are willing to risk.
Mining is a risky business anyway. Buying into an algo where some coins are forking away and some did not decided yet, but as well with some staying, it makes it even more risky.

It is as well up how you are planning your return. If you are going after whattomine you will be hardly disapointed as the “now” profit will not the same at the time you get the Z9 shipped. Just have that in mind!!!

If you hardly can get together or are short on money, better do not that investement, seen from a risk factor.
If you made the choice like me and are willing to take the risk to lose some 2.000 USD, you can of course go for it.

About the coupons: If you have bought bevor from Bitmain you get them for every bough unit. In case, as it seems to be and you did not yet, they are offered on ebay and wherever not, but be aware a lot of scams there too!!! IF you buy coupons i advice you to pay ONLY with paypal, so you have buyer protection in case someone want to scam/fool you!!

Also have in mind IF this miner fits your envirement. It’s not clear how much noise it will make. It could be noisy or it could be like the B3 where you can remove the exhaust fan and reducing the noise significally and replace the front fan with low noise ones as it generates not much heat at all. But something to consider always when it comes to Asics and not much is known yet and to be fair and give an advice.

This said, always as well consider only buying the cryptocurrency you would mine. Often, and up to your electricity costs, this might be the better solution than dealing daily with whatever not. This is sometimes risky as well of course.

At least now you should have some facts to consider and can make your decision upon your own discretion.

I too would be interested in coupons.

I have USD100 Coupons, which selling rm100, interested ?

Hi Dank if you’re interested in Antiminer Z9
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It looks like Crypto Emporium is a Craigslist type market place.

1100 Euro for a 1080 not Ti.
And founders edition, hefty prices.
But at least they sell LAmBO’ s for Bitcoins hehehe

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Would you kindly lend me 58 BTC? I will gladly pay you back on tuesday.

Off course I would, only problem is I just put that amount into Electronium. So I guess no Lambo for us, sorry m8 :wink:

Damn the brainwashing didn’t fully succeed. Back to Rapture with you!