Should The Forum Move to Discord?

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The downside of discode is that it’s hard to keep up with the topic. If negative opinions persist, the mood of the discode will be down and it will be difficult for people to participate.

I don’t mean your opinion is negative. That’s the characteristic of discords.

Should the forum move to Discord?


They are two different tools, for two different purposes. Most other projects, even those that rely on a Discord server as their main communications hub, have forums for long-form discussion, proposals, etc.

I do believe that the Zcash Community could use an overhaul of their chat servers. There used to be Keybase, then the Telegram and the Discord server. It seems Telegram has more traffic, I personally rarely use it because I dislike the Telegram UX very much.

Maybe it would be worth running a poll to see which chat app the community prefers and consolidate.


I like this forum and I don’t think different channels of communication compete or are mutually exclusive. The more the merrier, and this forum is a much more ‘professional’ version of a communication channel for all kinds of Zcash-related discussions. Discord is, in my opinion, more for chatting and potential other use cases. The forum is more organized than a Discord channel, you have a better search function, and people put more effort into their grammar and spelling.

This is not to say that I am not supportive of promoting other channels like Discord or Telegram. On the contrary, I would like to see different Zcash “sub-communities” form on all channels. But these will never completely replace a forum and I don’t think that should be the plan.


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Try Reddit then. Between Reddit and discord, this site is just reinventing the wheel

Many conversations here would work quite well on Discord. Instead, almost every zcash discussion is on this site regardless if there is a better mainstream platform for that type of discussion. It’s just not true that users move towards the platform that has the best use case. So what’s the problem with Reddit if you don’t like Discord? Between Reddit and Discord, this site doesn’t seem to offer anything useful. But say that it doesn’t have “every” little thing you’re looking for, can’t you see why having conversations on mainstream social media channels draws in new members?

Discourse is one of the most widely used forum platforms around, and was actually released the year before discord. Also discourse is released under a GNU GPL license as opposed to discord’s proprietary license.

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Never heard of it. Seems pretty obscure

this forum is run on discourse

Gotcha, good to know

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Reddit’s UX is very poor.

Discourse, the platform this forum runs on, is also used by Let’s Encrypt, GitLab among other large online communities.

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Honestly, those aren’t ringing any bells. Say that to anyone on the street. I don’t think they would know what you’re talking about. Almost everyone knows Reddit and discord

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I think it’s great lol. Serves its purpose quite well. But like I said, even if you don’t like the UX, you should still use a mainstream platform if it’s just a small UX preference

Mods should be regulating negative conversation flow and bad actors

@pitmutt @spectre thanks for your replies. I appreciate the discussion on the subject