Size of blockchain during download

I would try to use a cryptocurrency for the first time and I decided to start with ZCash.
I installed ZecWallet and this software are trying to sync with the blockchain.
I read that this blockchain is about 22GB, I see that software has already used about 40GB of internet data (I’ve not infinite data with my internet plan), but it wrote just less than 10GB on my hard-disk.

Till now I believed that blockchain is just a big standard file for computers and that it could be downloaded as every file, I mean I thought I should download 22GB.

I’m curious, why is not so simple? In this moment written/downloaded ratio is about 1:4, could I expect to download about other 50GB before complete sync? Thank you

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You might want to try and download one of the light wallets.

@Spiral1990 depending on if they would like to use private transactions. If yes then they need to run a full node, if no then there are lots of options: Zcash Wallets - Zcash Community

I believe it’s probably using more than the 22GB because it’s communicating and pulling blocks from multiple other Nodes.

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Of course, I would use a z- address, so I must run a full node. Unlikely there are no other options in this moment… Thanks for answers.