Sli Bridge for 1080ti

Hello everyone! I am in the process of buying 2 more 1080ti’s to start a possible mining rig. I really want to pull the plug and order it, but I’m wondering, Do I need to buy an sli bridge to use all 3 cards? Should I be expecting zcash to go down anytime soon?

Thanks in advance! I’m looking forward to finally having this burden off my head.

SLI isn’t used for mining. ZEC, and all coins, profit is up at the moment. Expect 6 months or so for a return on investment at today’s prices. Was roughly 12 months before the latest increase in prices.

Im going to buy one or two ti’s also to mine zec again and heat my house (had 6 amd’s at launch).

My question to you guys,

Which SW would be best suited for ZEC mining on windows?

Is it claymore or any other SW doing a better job? =)

Also heard nvidia wont mine unless there is a monitor attached to a graphics card, is this true?

The two leaders for Nvidia mining is EWBF and DSTM, claymore is AMD** only.

and the monitor thing is a fabrication

Thanks! Ill try em out =)

Oviously wanted to say AMD only.

DSTM is the nvidia ruler now, has a stable 3% increse in almost all nvidia cards (10 series)