Slow Start Has Ended!

What do you think will happen now?

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And… We’re there. Hopefully this will bring some stability to the price as well. The last few days it’s definitely stabilized a little.

aaaand reward is 10…shouldnt it have been 12.5?

10 goes to the miner. 2.5 goes to the Founders

oh yeah. thx. forgot we will be mining for founders for next years…:grin:

It will be interesting to see what the hashrate/difficulty does. With the end of the slow start phase we may see more serious miners jumping in now. Hopefully it doesn’t put us smaller miners out of work!

Edited the post title, Congrats to all the miners!

Full block rewards FTW

I think people were hoping prices may rise a bit.But they are slowly falling. Hit $68 but down to $64

wasnt founders reward locked during the slowstart?

My guess is we’ll see the value drop as the founders will be eager to realize some of their newly accumulated wealth.

20% is a lot and they have no reason to keep it apart from avoiding too big price drops. Remember they will be getting 20% of all coins mined for another 4 years.

there is a thread here about the dev fees and people are all expressing their thoughts about the subject … i just learned about crypto currencies little over a month ago and about zcash a week before its launch … i sat there friday 28th and was very excited to watch all of it happen … and i was actually amazed by the numbers i was seeing (at one point 1 zec was valued at 2+ million usd !!!) … since it started and still so far, i see zec as a very good contender / alternative to btc (like usd & euro) … but:

  • there has to be an actual use for zec in the very near future … real use … aside from mining and trading

  • founders have to revise their position on the founders reward … its like government tax … i dont know how much was made in the slow start period, but im sure that its a pretty good sum

  • work on a light wallet for mobile devices, that will allow zec holders to move / transact much easier

again … i see zec as the best alt-coin to btc so far … how it will hold up? that’s is what remains to be seen!

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I’m surprised that the price has hovered around $65 as the emission rate has climbed to a steady 12.5 ZEC. We can look forward to a doubling of the Zcash money supply in about two and half weeks - then it will double again in about ten weeks. Unless demand doubles and doubles again in that time, the price ought to fall - although I suspect it’s being maintained at the current rate by someone(s) with deep pockets. So we’ll see just how deep those pockets are. :wink:

Re: disbursement of the Founder’s Reward, not that it’s anyone’s business but their’s, it’s easy enough to see their account balance.

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It’s the first derivative of the emission rate that matters, not the rate itself. My prediction is the price is going to stabilize, given there are no other macro events of course.


when i started learning about mining, just mid last September, it was all Monero and XMR is doing so and so and of course there is ETH & ETC but it was all stale … what ZEC did (maybe because i’m new to all of this) was a wake up and shake up to the entire community … and still is so far to a certain degree … and could do a lot more i believe … that’s all

what anyone does with what they earned is absolutely their business no one else’s, no arguing in that … !!!

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