Today's Price Stabilizing

Hope everyone is having a great day! With the new optiminer ROI has come back. Seeing the price stabilize a little is also great! Anyone wish to share why the price is settling at this level?

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It’s not as profitable to mine and dump anymore.

It does help though to sell your coins above market though

Correct but that doesn’t mean your orders will get filled.

I mean that’s how the price goes up lol it’s all about finding the right buyer and there’s a lot out there not willing to buy from kraken or poloniex

My guess is your talking about OTC and bigger ZEC amounts.

Yes/No depends OTC is always the best way if the price is too low and you don’t want to kill a market lol

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Considering opening a craigslist style exchange like localbitcoins but for Zcash and have a minimum price to keep Zcash price from falling thoughts?

Minimum price won’t work, but something like localzcash would be cool

im not sure what your talking about… making well over 2X a day what I was making with ETH, if the price does stabilize at the current rate 750 RMB, that is just awesome and I’m building more miners

maybe chinese are buying more up now?

Im mining and HODLing, so it doesn’t make a difference to me. :slight_smile:


maybe its time to start holding, though i really think it will drop some more - could be wrong though

if it sticks to where it is now - slow start is not even over! thats awesome

Once we reach 12.5, you’re looking at an ROI of 26 days! At current price of course.


that is just insane
but the awesome kind of insane

I don’t think I ever seen such a great ROI that wasn’t a scam you know like this is real stuff not hashocean bitsrapid btcinvestUcoinsnowXxx etc

i always thought it would be good, but never imagined this good
i wonder how long it can last

a month ago everyone was saying dont build more rigs, ETH is going to POS
now we can pity the fool who is mining eth still

though I would imagine over time things will even out

i wonder how the difficultly will rise with ZEC once ETH goes to POS

everytime I type POS my mind is telling me (piece of $@)


Honestly I’m not sure. Difficulty goes up but lol we just come up with a better software miner to increase our hashpower and then the difficulty goes up more but then again if the price goes up even to $200 lol right $200 a mere $200 our ROI goes to like 14 days…so not sure. Wonder when the Ethereum will go POS. Probably a lot later now that people are mining Zcash. Get it while it’s still good

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yeah I agree, I think POS will be implimented later than most originally thought, especially since we can see how long it takes them to fork out the current attacker… if it takes them 2-3 months to fix ETH for that… might take them 2-3 years to impliment POS

Honestly here’s a scenario. Once it goes POS won’t people stop mining it and then wouldn’t that basically destroy the coin lol why POS why not make it hybrid so you keep your miners

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i share that opinion, some think it could go 1/2 1/2 for a while and then to full out POS, but I think POS could totally ruin it if its not in wide spread use already… atleast ruin the value as there will not be 1/2 as much intertest in it