Small Mining Farm Questions

No, I have access to Zotac/PNY 1080 ti blower editions. Gigabyte has probably the worst customer service/RMA department of any hardware company. I wouldn’t buy those Aorus ones even if I could at that price.

@root is there any specific reason you wouldn’t buy aorus cards?

You’ll just have to accumulate slowly or you’ll pay more, or wait longer.

Even on Amazon, you can get a few at a time, but you’ll be mixing brands.

This chart shows the Asus 1080 Ti Turbo has 6 in stock,
Asus 1080 Ti Rog Strix has 10 in stock:

I ended up finding a reseller that can get all 80 of the same type of cards but they are a little higher than MSRP and well i know ill be waiting a little while until they eventually all show up since they only ship as they become available in stock again…