SNB-CIF Conference 2022: Keynote Lecture by Zooko Wilcox

Hello everyone!

I have recorded part of this lecture Schweizerische Nationalbank (SNB) - Forschungs-TV from a screen of my smartphone.

Excerpt of Keynote Lecture by Zooko Wilcox - 03 June, 2021 (recording from the phone screen).
Swiss National Bank - Conference on Cryptoassets and Financial Innovation 2022
SNB CIF Conference 2022

I was on a road and stopped specially for this. I needed mobile Internet at the same time, and therefore I could not completely disconnect from incoming calls, which still spoiled my opportunity to make a full-fledged video.

To be honest, I was counting on the appearance of an entry in some official account, but for some reason this didn’t happen.

And so, does anyone in the world have missing parts of this video?

I also wrote to the official SNB twitter account, I think it’s worth adding likes to this message so that they react:


Zooko: “Zcashers as a movement are here to fight the global Panopticon which threatens entire populations with disasters comparable to the totalitarian disasters of the 20th century”.

“Privacy isn’t about isolation, privacy isn’t about withholding as much information as you can, it is not about being the lone american individualist. Privacy is about consent.”