So I had a videochat with Jihan Wu


Theres something goin on over there


Lol, we that live in europe/eastern europe are used to such things, nothing special that gets our attention.


@zooko I don’t know you have authority on decision on ASIC Resistance Hard-fork. But, You have technically core influencer I guess.

You spending very important times for fork.

All of consideration come out.
case study #1 : Monero Forks.
case study #2 : BTG hardfork ready action : change params to A(144,5)
case study #3 : ZeroCurrency (fork from Zcash) : changed params to A(192,7) prevent ASIC Well.

So, I think you don’t need to hesitate on hard fork.

As I alreay mentioned strategy, it will make a times to implement for new consensus , what if you think decentralized ideal way. POW+POS hybrid or multi algorithm (GPU + ASIC) or POS .

Zcash company hesitate then loose time to ASIC preventive forks , mining will Shortly ASIC Centralized , Bitmain and Innosilicon has released.


Just generally, why should a successfull project like Zcash follow:

  • Monero, a project supporting criminal hack- and bot nets.
  • Bitcoin Gold, a sinking Titanic that has nothing to lose …
  • Zero, a coin i even never heared about 1 week ago and mostly without any future watchin the price of the last weeks?

Bitcoin gold and Zero have nothing to lose and Monero can rely on the biggest bot nets available…
Don’t compare Zcash with these please…The situation is totally different!


they are actually working on some solid stuff…


Maybe, we will see, until i see it released it’s a sinking titanic for me. After the Verge Deal of the year i’am sceptical to “great announcements” :slight_smile:

But i’am curious too how they will do after the fork. My prediction is that they will lose hashrate due fork and requirements, but we will see …


Nah, they won’t do an Electronium hahaha


You need to investigate more technically.
And you check another discussion refered on first link Asic mining related section.

Zcash is big and succeed but now core consensus equihash has hacked by asic.
It is same situation with monero btg .

I don’t have your back ground reference you have a deep consideration on crypto worlds.

But clearly unthoughtful ignorance other coins makes zcash driven falling down and centralization.

Basically zcash also alter of Bitcoin opensource except change consensus algorithm.

Now that consensus algorithm has hacked you should first consider.

And power of opensource, we can get reference idea how to solve more easy and faster this is opensource blockchain world’s power.

So you must humble in other cryptos.
Never stick to zcash is only one. It is full opposite Stans on decentralization philosophy.



this has nothing to do with decision to protect asic’s :rofl::rofl::rofl: