Solo mining cpu up and running


So iv got the mining up and running. I7 6700 16gb ddr4
Question is how can i tell how many coins im mining?


If you find a block. You'll see a new line at the bottom saying something like "X blocks found".

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It'll actually tell you but I hope you are feeling very very lucky as with a network hashrate of 250309 H/s you are just 0.0058% of the network.

Failing that run listtransactions - it'll be an empty array if nothing mined

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Probably none, both because of the slow start and big mining farm...
anyway you can check it... in another terminal type ./src/zcash-cli getinfo

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You will want to mine in a mining pool, since you only have one CPU.

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In my conf file i have not put any address in so where do if any of my mined coins go to?


You don't have to put any address in zcash.conf