Solo mining but balance not going up. Where do coins go when mining?

I’m solo mining with zcashd.

Here are the current stats:

Thank you for running a Zcash node!
You're helping to strengthen the network and contributing to a social good :)

           Block height | 6810
  Network solution rate | 7586638 Sol/s
            Connections | 8

You are mining with the tromp solver on 8 threads.

Since starting this node 7 hours, 51 minutes, 4 seconds ago:
- You have validated 211709 transactions!
- You have contributed 12.9169 Sol/s on average to the network solution rate.
- You have completed 195067 Equihash solver runs.

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Here is the output of “zcash-cli listtransactions”


And the output of “zcash-cli z_gettotalbalance”

    "transparent" : "0.00",
    "private" : "0.00",
    "total" : "0.00"

Am I doing something wrong?

Dude join a pool

You will never mine anything with that hashrate solo

Your hashrate will get you a block (maybe) once every few years.

When you mine a coin it will show up on that screen. You can also open another terminal window and type
cd zcash/
./src/zcash-cli getinfo

That will tell you the balance of your zcash wallet

Thanks for the suggestions. I joined a pool and also managed to get GPU mining working.

I’m getting 40 Sol/s now instead of 12 with cpu.