(SOLVED) Asrock H81 Btc r2.0 showing error please install the psu's 4-pin power cables

Asrock H81 Btc r2.0 showing error

“please install the psu’s 4-pin power cables”

however when i put cables even system doesnt boot or doing anything with keyboard.

Are you sure you have all the cables plugged in ? There should be 2 power sockets to be connected … one for main board and other for processor …

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А пас коды дает какие то?

I have connected both 4-pins coming from PSU to motherboard. but the problem is even keyboard doesnt work, when i try to press any key it doesnt do anything.

Сама мать писки выдает при запуске?

@Ilya1990 could you pls write in English :slight_smile:

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The mother of squeals gives out at start-up?

What’s the number of beep ? What lights are flashing ?. Try resetting the bios… remove the battery ?

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I tried to reset the bio and now messed up with motherboard. now when im turning it on its not going through anywhere. nor even in setup

Hmmm… Click a pic and share? It may help …

Sure let me send you.

do you have active whatsapp?

really appreciate for help

Let’s keep it here for others to know as well … they may be of better help than me… recently we faced a situation where there was a blinking dot and nothing else was there… We had to disconnect everything… and boot the board with only mouse and keyboard… it worked …

If I understood correctly then you do not have enough power of the PSU

This is the scenario before resting the bios.

@Ilya1990 i have 1000W psu

and now after the resting bios by removing battery from motherboard im stuck here