When i put 2 gpu on ASROCK H81 system shows this

When i put 2 gpu on ASROCK H81 system shows this and keyboards wont work nothing happening even im pressing any key.

It's telling you that you don't have the 4-pin power cables connected to your motherboard. If you do have them plugged in then you have 2 possible issues happening. Either your motherboard is malfunctioning and may need to be replaced or your PSU is malfunctioning and may need to be replaced. Another possibility if your PSU is modular, there may be something wrong with the 4-pin cable you're using.

I have putted 4 pins cable to motherboard and i have tried with 2 (cooler master 100w) and (VS 650W) different PSU as well.

still stuck at this point however with 1 gpu it works fine. when i put second gpu it shows this msg.

So it happens with multiple PSU's. That would indicated that there's something wrong with your motherboard and rules out the PSU.

Odd question, have you plugged in all of the connectors to the second GPU as well? Including all power connectors? (6-pin, 8-pin, 2x6-pin...or whatever the card takes)

I have putted 1000W PSU at once and connected both 4-pins into motherboard and also fixed 8pin power to GPU and 4pin power to PIC Riser as well.

I hate to say it but you're either connecting something wrong or your motherboard needs to be replaced as it's defective.

I would double check all of your cables and make sure they're all connected where they need to be and that are the correct cables to be used for where they're connecting.

Are you able to take a picture of your motherboard and all it's connectors and what you have connected?

Sure I will send you.

and its just a new mobo i recieved it yesterday from Newegg

wondering if there is should be some changes in bios or i need to update it???

It's also worth a shot to try to update the motherboard BIOS to the latest firmware.

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so you are suggesting me to update the bios with latest version?

One other idea... You have two power supplies - try connecting the outside case of the two power supplies to each other with a small piece of wire. This will make sure that they have the same electrical ground potential. A simple wire from one power supply chassis to the other will do this.

Yes go to the manufacturer's website and download the bios firmware for your motherboard. Just make sure you do not lose power or switch off once you have started the update - that can totally kill the motherboard. Be sure to take a look at your settings prior to updating. You may need to reset them in BIOS after the update. Taking pics with a phone camera can help here - just in case.

Let me try with this.

however i read somewhere I do need to enable 4g in bios ?

and also i have spoke with dealer for replacement of the mobo, but im still wondering if mobo is damage or some bios setting problem.

however i will update the bios first.

You only have 2 GPU's correct? You don't need 4G enabled until you add at least another 2 cards.

Actuallty im setting up 6gpu rig, but im stuck at second only.

You still don't need 4G enabled until you have 4 up and running. It will only impede the process.

Ok buddy let me try first with bios update.