Some interesting facts after the launch

  1. First 48 blocks were mined by the same miner t1KstPVzcNEK4ZeauQ6cogoqxQBMDSiRnGr in 5 minutes while difficulty was growing from 1 to 1.94, earning him 0.72 ZEC (worth more than 11 000$ at the moment). Block times were around 1-3 seconds. EDIT: The wallet seems to belong to pool.

  2. In the next 6 minutes - 114 more blocks were mined (Blocks #49-#163). This time part of this bounty was shared with the second miner: t1K3HfLpbqzoWx1sv7wHAHjjyrPYyzacZUq - don’t know what pool/miner it is.
    Total of 6.5 ZEC was mined during this time. Difficulty raised to 17, block time still averages 4 seconds.

  3. At block #164 the third miner comes in, but it’s just a luck - he mined just one block for all time. First pool still mines most of the blocks.

  4. After 5 more minutes, around block #200, a new big miner appears - t1SaATQbzURpG1qU3vz9Wfn3pwXoTqFtTq2, and he gets the most piece of the pie from that time.

After around an hour at around block #400 the real competition starts, as the difficulty increases to over 1000, and block times are around 1 minute. More miners come in, but first pool and last big miner still do many blocks.

Let’s share more facts found from analyzing the blockchain.


Think this is a pool? Balance is 12 ZEC now wich is about 36k