Sorting the forum categories and posts out

Shawn reorganised the forums quite a while ago now.

This has meant there is a lot of posts still in uncategorised, its not a small task to go through them all and put them in the right place.

I have been wanting to do this for ages. It annoys me quite a lot that there is a lot of old relevant posts that are not easy to find because they are not categorised.

I tried to do this before, but you cannot do it properly with only the regular flag. Its one of the main reasons i wanted to be a mod - although the leader flag would let me do it too.

@decentralistdan congratulations on getting the mod position, you said you wanted to be more active and contribute to the forums, this would be an amazing thing to do. im sure @Shawn would be happy to show you how to do it.

I will also help in anyway I can, so feel free to reach out to me for advice on where to move stuff. I will take a bit of a back seat though, I know I can be a bit of a strong personality and want to give you and @anon16456014 space to shape things on the forums how you think they should be. I am about if you want to message me though.

Please do this dan :slight_smile:


I’m on this.

Apologies for messing the recent posts timeline but adding category to a post forces an edit sometimes.


i almost thought the forum was inundated with new posters.

Alright, I’ll call it a day.

Done from today till Nov 2016.


Anyone who had a thread they were following that got pushed down in the timeline should feel free to “bump” it back towards the top by commenting in the thread.


Finished Nov 2016.

Oct-Jan 2016 left.


Finished Oct 2016.

Sep-Jan 2016 left.


Finished Sep 2016.

Aug-Jan 2016 left.


Finished Aug-Jul 2016.

Jun-Jan 2016 left.


This is now done!


Woo! Thanks so much for taking care of this, from here on out it will be much easier to just move new post’s into the correct category.

Perhaps we should just remove the “uncategorized” category all together now that it’s empty.

EDIT: So we can’t completely delete “uncategorized” but we can disable the ability for users to make a new post without picking a category. So I have it set now that a user must pick a place to put it before it can be posted, that way we don’t have to categorizing for them :slightly_smiling_face:


I know we are not suppposed to do “me too” posts.

but thank you so much @anon16456014 - you are well on the way to getting a hat :smiley:

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