Wiking posts

Okay so I have tried to wiki this post. I know I tried before and I cant remeber what it did.

I currently think that if there is a way to integrate a wiki section to this forum, i.e. have a post that can be edited by more than one person within a group (MGRC - for example) could be really handy.

I also think the functionality to turn some posts, buy other that anyone can then edit would also be very useful. currently we are using a mix of things to do this.

anyway lets test.

so this is a wiki edit rather than a post edit

second wikiedit aaaaa edit of the edit

Viva Chile!!! 210 years old today

Hello World!

I can see that the 2 above sentences were added in 2 separate edits by a guy that yllaer like Chile :slight_smile:

This really likes Chile guy, he didnt have an zebra did he? I have changed really in the above sentence to be backwards to see if that alerts dan.

Sadly no, zebras are really bad pets, especially if you live in an apartment.

Okay I have wikid it, what now?

Can anyone else edit it?

can someone try plz. then I will un wiki it and see what happens.

Edited it, seems to work

Its not great at recording what edits were made and by who, can you see that info?

unwikid it and it deleted everthing, lol. maybe try another edit please. congrats on 210

So its probably a T3+ thing so maybe we dont need to worry about vandalism so much. It might still be useful if we can have a T2.5 group for the mgrc where the only extra functionality is the ability to wiki posts and edit wikied post.

I will have a think.

There’s no info on who did what…

@den to the rescue!

This might actually work

I dont see chilebobs edits, but I got an alert on yours when I click the alert I get this

Can we get some more edits please. Maybe it doesnt alert me if a regular does it.

Welcome to a very exclusive club, lol.


Im on a phone though … could that be the difference? I edited the post and had a small navigation bar in the bottom where I could see the changes

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Nope, you are just more observant than me. heh.

I didn’t notice the back and forward until you pointed it out - I checked on my edits i thought I checked Chilebobs too, but obviously not. nice one! :slight_smile:

It also shows who edits it if I scroll up and down, its not visible in the default res - as you can see.

I would have given up if you handnt posted.

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This actually works really well, the edit history is a lot more useful to read the post after the “wiki” bit is locked.

I like this. sure its not all encompassing but it does work as I wanted it to. go check the edit history to see what I mean.

You will notice that it doesnt show my edit one and edit two, they might have been too close together in time or something else. and the resolution is fine on a pc (and phone apparently) just not my laptop.

The great thing is you can turn any post into a wiki. If any regulars (T3+) want to have a play, just reenable wiki on the OP or any of my posts in this thread to see what happens. I think this could be pretty useful.

I usually troubleshoot people making beer … happy I could help ! :slight_smile:

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You wouldn’t happen to be in Beer Advocate, would you?

Nope … I spend too much of my time in beer business to spend the little I have left on such platforms :slight_smile: (nothing against them neither)

Please please please come to Chile… they have NO IDEA what beer is supposed to be.

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