Sovryn for Zcash

Defi is coming to Bitcoin via sovryn. If you don’t know about it, check it out. There is huge interest in this project because BTC holders can earn interest through lending & other mechanism without using Ethereum.

We have two options:

  1. Can we (cc @cburniske or anyone from @ZOMG) reach out to Sovryn team (Pomp had interesting proposal & get Zcash integrated, we could offer Zcash in return for SOV tokens. t-addr could help with integration?
  2. Other option could be to find & fund a team that could build something similar for Zcash @mhluongo would your team be interested in this? If anyone have good contacts with defi/smart contract developers who can build this please suggest, so @ZcashGrants can reach out. $ZEC asset has so much potential.



Sovryn is a smart contract system built on the RSK blockchain, which is an EVM-compatible bitcoin sidechain. If you want to add ZEC to the Sovryn lending and DEX markets the best way is probably to create some kind of two-way peg between the Zcash blockchain and the RSK blockchain – something like renZEC or WZEC, but for RSK instead of Ethereum.


They also have a bounty program that facilitates such integrations with other chains:

In their blog post about the hackathon, their first point is “Decentralization/privacy”, listed in: “shielded transactions”

Looks very Zcashy to me :slight_smile:

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