Start Mining but don't know how to add mining address

Hello folks,
just start the miner with zcashd command but how can I add my mining address to configuration?

By the way want to mine my kraken account, is that possible? For some coins exchanges don’t let miners directly mine to their account and this coin has two addresses as far as I understand transparent and shielded

Thank you in advance,

When you start ./zashd --deamon it will also start in mining mode…

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Ok just solve it out and I am able to see my wallet and balance, thanks

How did you solve it?

zcashd start miner and wallet

So you can see the wallet
zcash-cli getinfo

And you can make transfer from your wallet to your shielded adress (which is needed to transfer zec to transparent address again) you can read that guide refer using zec part


ive been mining for 24 hr now and i check the zcash-cli getinfo zero balance how long would i wait to see my balance

Need more details.

What are you mining with? Where are you mining?

Also, you should start a new thread. This one is 9 months old.