Where are coins mined?

I not find where are coins mined?
0.4250 sol/s
460 equihash solved
0 coins!

At that speed, you should read up on the pools. These days, probably at any speed you should join a pool. Zcash is very popular/competitive right now.


./src/zcash-cli listreceivedbyaddress 0 true

to see your transparent addresses, if you had any ZECs, they’d be there. When you mine from a pool, you’ll use an address from there to mine to. Good luck.

Thanks for fast reply,
I need write this comand in new cmd line?
And later?i see me t-address in wallet, i need paste in cmd line ?
Please post all comand if possible:)
And have more a ask, what speed in sol/s are good at this moment?

You’re welcome. From a new terminal, cd zcash to get into the zcash directory, then that command above. It will list all addresses and balances, no need to type anything else. When you choose a pool, follow their instructions about how to use one of those addresses with various mining software.

Speed is relative. Read lots of threads to get context.

No such file or directory,
Also with comand …daemos i see same message

Are you issuing the command from the zcash directory?

Yes, i can ask manually in home/zcash …?

Comand work without
Only zcash-cli…

I see this address , now i can paste in wallet or how i open wallet of this address?

For use with a wallet provider, please refer to that wallet provider’s instructions

The new address are added automatic when i refresh wallet,
Thanks for support!!
Now i receive coins mined in this wallet in automatic or you know how i receive?

I have no experience with wallets beyond zcashd’s. When I mine from a pool to that address, it shows up in the address now long after the reward is confirmed/matured/whatever and the payment is issued (a time that varies by pool). Refer to your pool’s documentation and or threads.

In list receive address not have anywere, Ok thank bro