How to build a ZCash GPU mining Rig. I want to mine ZCash for fun so i need the hardware configuration's

Dear friends, I need a specific details of hardware to build my own GPU rig to mine Zcash.

  1. GPU?
  2. Graphic card?
    and all requirements. I am doing this for fun and to explore this. Please help

A GPU is a Graphic card.

Here is what I recommend for a high quality starter rig at low cost.

ASRock H81 ProBTC V2.0 Motherboard - These are made for mining (hence the term BTC even though you cant mine BTC on GPUs anymore - you could when this mobo debuted). It has 6 PCI-e (Graphic card) slots.

Intel G1820 (or 1840 or 3220) CPU

16-32 GB SSD

4GB DDR3 RAM or more’s bootable mining platform which now includes ZCash

RX 480 graphics card(s)

Corsair or EVGA 850-1000W power supply.

PCI-e risers

and a Mining Rig frame. I build these:


Also subscribe to this channel and watch some of their step by step rig builds:

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Everyone recommends these but they are bloody impossible to get!

Where in the world do you reside? They’re common over here in North America. In fact I just bought some on Newegg a week ago.

Here is a list of alternatives from a guy you may know (kinda like the British equivalent of Bits Be Trippin’):

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ASROCK H97 Anniversary will be also fine.

Is it possible to run 6x470 on just 1000W power supply?

can i get this Rig in India too?

any other motherboard you can suggest ?

Yeh trying to find that MB too but out of stock everywhere. 6x470 would be pushing it on a 1000W power supply - I would run 1200/1300W to be sure.

Yes, this is available in any country with computer component stores. Which is like 99% of the planet.

The frame itself can be built out of wood, PVC, metal, whatever you want. They’re easy to build and plenty of open sourced blueprints and DIY tutorials on how to build them.

Yeah I assumed the original poster was starting out with just a couple to a few cards.

That said, the RX cards are very efficient and I have a 6 card 480 rig going on 1000W with room to spare.

You got a Newegg link? Maybe there was a sudden surge of demand to a newly released coin :wink:

i got this is this ok ?

I just built a 7 GPU rig, vid coming up

these are the most used motherboards for mining today

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I agree, ive been buying up EVGA 1300G2’s


Interesting I have the MSI Z97 board but having trouble with more than 4 GPUs in it. Good to know it works.

ya sometimes it doesn’t like the risers
try the new 16.10.3 drivers and see if that helps

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i got the motherboard
but cpu cant find this one Intel G1820 … i found intel G3220 but its a Intel pentium not core i3 or i5 ? then what , which download?
and i got RX 480 but can i use ASUS STRIX R9-390X DC3OC-8GB DDR5 GAMING 512Bit PCI-E ?

I wouldn’t doubt that. I had a representative (I’m a quantity buyer) contact me last week about my purchases and working out a better deal.

If I buy small amounts (under 50 units) I use the retailers (Amazon, Newegg, Jet) but if I buy for a buildout (50+ units) I go direct to a distributor.

Because a GPU miner doesn’t use much CPU so you buy the cheapest CPU possible for mining. Most industrial miners use those pentiums. You’re not building a gaming PC, you’re building a miner.

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