Str4d or nheqminer?

I just can’t find the right info about both miners and which one I should use. I have a Intel® Core™ i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz × 8 processor, ATI HD7950 3GB GPU and 16GB ram.
Should I use my GPU to mine, my CPU or both? Which miner should I use?
I have already tested nheqminer with pool and I get a lot of Accepted shares. I see my CPU is being used, but I don’t have info about my GPU so I really don’t know if it is being used or not, and which temperature it is working on.

The short test I did with str4d didn’t get me any shares (perhaps I should give it more time).

So basically, I need to know which miner would use the best of my PC. And which of both miners works with GPU, since I think GPU is the way to go. Any info is welcome. Thanks

Why don’t you download a monitoring software like MSI Afterburner and see it yourself if your gpu is being used or not.
Short reply - yes, your GPU should be used, but I’ve heard nheqminer is in beta for AMD cards.