Anyone else mining with an AMD APU?

I’m just running the included tromp solo for kicks while I try to wade through the pool threads to find a good one. I’m not even sure yet if there is a stable gpu solo miner, so I haven’t put my gpu cores to use yet.

I’m getting 5.5s/s from 4 threads on my stock a10-7890k. I seem to recall generally that when the GPU kicks in enough, the CPU cores get underclocked, so I don’t know what kind of net benefit there would be to running cpu and gpu mining together, but I figured someone out there must be punishing an APU and might be willing to chit chat about what they’ve found with different miners or settings. Any fellow APUers out there?

Ok, I’m using @sarath-hotspot’s nheq for a boost to ~10sol/s when running solo, and I’ve finally got zogminer running, showing 3.5H/s during which nheq drops to about 6.5sol/s. What I want is a nice clean test to see if I get more pool shares running them both simultaneously than I do running just nheq. I’ve got both running, but I really want to see them both stats from the zmine pool after a block.

Even if it’s a wash, as it appears to be (roughly 10sol/s either way), it might be better to run a 7890k this way, because reviews reported that when the GPU was under load, there was a net decrease in power usage.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully have some results tomorrow. In the meantime if there are other APU miners out there, feel free to chime in on how you’re using your gear.

CPU usage goes from 75% just mining CPU to 80% with zog added in. I’m getting about 10sol/s both with nheq alone and combined with zog which come to 150 share/hr on zmine pool. I read that someone was getting less shares per sol/s than they were getting from cpu miners, so I wanted to watch that combined shares number. Works fine for me.

Running a second zog instance (not recommended since max APU ram is 2gb) just for kicks dropped my overall zog sol/s to about 2sol/s from 3.5. Ah well. Experiment over. I’ll save a few watts and I assume some heat too, and maybe when GPU miners are more optimized there will be a performance boost on top of that.

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Hello! Actually I do not but this is a very interesting thing I though about. The idea is that AMD’s CPU contains GPU’s cores either, and depending on particular CPU model along with miner implementation we can get quite a good result. I think when CPU/GPU miner contest is over we may get it.

Hi. I’m also mining using an AMD A8 7600 R7 Radeon. I use it running optiminer-zcash when the computer is in use for other tasks. The memory usage is very low, just 33 Mb. I get around 5Sol/s.
The internal Zcash miner is slower. Around 3Sol/s

I guess it depends on your RAM speed and power settings (45w/65w), but you could get 30ish Sol/s on claymore with 2100mhz ddr3.

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