Stratum JSON-RPC using Slush mining pool

I’m starting to implement my Zcash miner and I want to configure it in such a way it connects to some webmining pool. For now I’m trying to understand how stratum protocol works making some JSON-RPC requests to Slush like described in this documentation.

I’ve tried so to connect to the server with the following JSON-RPC request:

{"id": 1, "method": "mining.subscribe", "params": []}

obtaining this response:


followed by:


I’m wondering what is the meaning of the response since the slush documentation reports that the server’s response should have this structure:

{"id": 1, "result": [ [ ["mining.set_difficulty", "b4b6693b72a50c7116db18d6497cac52"], ["mining.notify", "ae6812eb4cd7735a302a8a9dd95cf71f"]], "08000002", 4], "error": null}

I’ve not personally built stratum mining software, but I know others have. You might dig through thier code to see if you can get it to work:

Thank you, it is very usefull. I have also seen that here I can find all the Slushpool’s specification related to ZCash.