Slush Pool [official]: Advanced Monitoring & Worker Management

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We are the world's first cryptocurrency mining pool established in 2010.
Since then we have together mined over 1 million BTC.
Mining Zcash since April 2017. First block: 53843

Reasons to mine on Slush Pool

  • ASIC compatibility (Antminer Z9 and Innosilicon A9 tested)
  • neat interface with dashboard and worker monitoring
  • advanced security with 2FA and payout address locking
  • free withdrawals above 0.01 ZEC and hourly payout processing

How to Mine Zcash on Slush Pool :bulb:


  • Browse the FAQs or create a ticket on
  • We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

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Don’t Trust. Verify: proof of authenticity signed by our Zcash mining address

Address: t1PbYh7TRXigqcdXYC1YHJS3KSBR9Yeso9W
Message: "SlushPool @ is officially representing"


Message doesn’t validate. Command ran with output: zcash-cli verifymessage “t3M4jN7hYE2e27yLsuQPPjuVek81WV3VbBj” “IDtiNnb7VRsLDQY/KGijP4T+dktdf6YEZCmuP6ZREY4RPZHHmvSmAWJhxH82HUw/a/ZzQJUUuVpKLN+vcUXKy3I=” “SlushPool @ is officially representing” error code: -3 error message Address does not refer to key Also, a quick peek at a block explorer shows that this address is a founders reward address that has never moved their funds. Accounts - Zchain OP replied with a different zcash address. I’m going to put this down as a simple mistake rather than anything malicious. (Even when it didn’t validate, i already figured it was much more likely that whoever posted this just accidentally copy and pasted the wrong address from the block explorer) I don’t have access to my node for a few hours so I can’t verify this yet, will update once I have the chance.

Message verifies now.

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Sorry, I have posted the wrong coinbase address. The post has been updated with the correct one.

Nice to see that someone actually tried to verify that though. :wink:


Haha yeah I figured. It seemed more likely that you would just copy and paste the wrong address than fake a signature for anything malicious.

I am very happy with your pool. Got my Z9 connected as soon as I heard the news.

I even noticed a improved margin of error on hashrate from my AMD GPUs, the Z9 was only loosing about 2% of the total performance compared to the 5% lower hashrate displayed on the pool from my AMD GPUs.

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Any plans to add Zcash support to the Canadian server?

I am from Alberta and occasionally see near 200ms of lag which is mildly concerning but it doesnt go over 215ms of lag ever.

Glad you are happy with our service!

Unfortunately Canadian server is not our priority right now. We would definitely coinsider it though if there were strong demand. Thank you for understanding.

Here are some real-world examples of A9s and Z9s running on our pool.
Just so you know what numbers you can approximately expect. :slight_smile:

Thank you, miners!

We finally hit one thousand active users. Who will be next? :wink:


Due to popular demand from larger miners, it is now possible to set your payout threshold as high as 100 ZEC.

The lowest possible threshold for feeless payouts of course stays at 0.01 ZEC. :v:

I’m happy with SlushPool so far, but with it’s small size the pool luck can really make a big difference and it can go both ways. @SlushPool how long do you intend to keep ZEC pool fees at 0%?

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We are not that small anymore. :slightly_smiling_face: You are right, daily rewards still fluctuate a bit. However, if you mine consistently, it averages out pretty well in like week or two.

0 % fee promotion will last until the end of September.


hopefully my ASICs don’t arrive toward the end of September, because Slushpool is the pool I wanted to point them, not only because of the 0% fee. I love the website and the coolness of the guy writing here :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Hopefully, you will find our service worth it even with a fee. :slight_smile:

We believe that feature-wise we are quite ahead of the other Zcash pools. And there are many improvements coming, including a revamped website fully optimized for mobile devices.

I don’t use slushpool so i have no idea what features you have that other pools don’t have.
Mind to share these features?

I would say it is mainly the worker management and sophisticated device monitoring. You can set your own alert limit for each worker, receive alerts via e-mail and/or mobile app and view a history of monitoring events on the website, so you can go back and look what and when went wrong.

You also have an option to lock your payout address (unlockable by wallet signature), so your coins are safe even when your account is compromised. We have two-factor authentication (OTP/U2F) too. There is also an activity log listing all the important changes made to your account.

But in general, I think it is the clear data presentation what users like the most.

It is not that easy to describe, trying it yourself is always the best option. :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed Slushpool has grown quite a lot this week and my contribution percentage has decreased significantly. However, the number of blocks found by the pool hasn’t really increased proportionally to account for the growth of the pool, even though the overall network difficulty hasn’t grown much this past week. Since Slushpool doesn’t show up in the miner distribution graphs despite having nearly 7% of the Zcash network hashrate, the use of intermediate z-addresses for payouts only adds to the feeling of a lack of transparency. Can you comment @SlushPool?

I really like your pool, I just want to be able to trust that I’m getting my fair share.