⭐SLUSHPOOL⭐ - 🏆WORLD'S OLDEST MINING POOL🏆 Adds ZCash Mining! offers 0% fee + Advanced Features / Mobile Apps

Ok first, I’m not associated with the pool other than I am a miner with a decent amount of hashrate.

Slushpool was the first mining pool in the world, the first Bitcoin pool and has never added any altcoin mining other than some things merge mined with Bitcoin.

That’s all changed!

Because of ZCash’s innovation and the promise the technology represents, they have added ZCash mining to their well respected and distinguished pool.


Why Mine at Slushpool?

Well this article has some reasons. 5 of them in fact: Braiins Blog | Bitcoin mining company

But I will give you my own 5 reasons from the perspective of a long-time miner.

Advanced LIVE Graphing

See your rigs and the pool’s hashrate graphed in real time. While other pools (Suprnova, Coinmine) lets you see a live hashrate for your whole farm, it is a small window of time and it doesn’t let you drill down and see graphs of individual rigs (aka workers) hashrates. Slushpool lets you see what your farm and individual rigs are doing at any given moment, live and in real time in a graph spanning several hours.

Live Hashrate Averaging

While other pools (Flypool,etc.) show you an an hourly and daily average of your hashrate, you have to reload the page to see it updated. Slushpool shows you a constantly updated 5 minute, 1 hour and 24 hour average. See your average evolve in realtime! Great to see the results of overclocking, different mining software, etc.

Advanced Monitoring Features

In mining, UPTIME is the name of the game. This is especially true in GPU mining where lockups are more common. Unlike Flypool and other pools which notify you when a rig is down completely, Slushpool lets you set a threshold of a minimum hashrate per rig or worker. If your rig drops below that hashrate then Slushpool can notify you by email and/or send your phone a notification through the mobile app sooner than other pools for better uptime. Which brings us to …

Free Mobile App

Slushpool made a free mobile app for iOS and Android which lets you see all of the info you’d see from desktop on a mobile device. It also features notifications for rig state change (rigs down) and blocks found.

0% Pool Fee

As Slushpool is trying to build up its ZCash hashrate it is offering no mining fee for ZCash miners who mine there. Pool Fees atop your mining software fees can often take as much as 5% of what you earn when combined. Keep more of what you earned for higher profit/faster ROI !

Sidenote: In the mining world, pools come and go and it takes a lot to build the trust and respect to be around as long as Slushpool has been. You can have peace of mind knowing your profits are secure on what to me is the most advanced ZCash mining pool in the world.

So come mine with me and others at Slushpool: https://slushpool.com/
Get started here: https://slushpool.com/help/get-started/getting_started_zcash

Slushpool is owned and operated by SatoshiLabs, makers of the Trezor, the world’s first Bitcoin hardware wallet. Today Trezor is one of the most secure ways to store your ZCash, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Zero fees and all transaction fees until when… :wink:

Probably for quite awhile. They make up a small percentage of the miner hashrate distribution (choose 1week from the dropdown menu to see where they are on the pie chart): https://explorer.zcha.in/statistics/miners

But they would like to be significantly bigger and with Flypool approaching near the 51% mark it is probably better to switch to another reputable pool to spread the hashrate around (and possibly increase the ZEC price as a result btw).

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The real problem is that I disagree with both Slush and F2Pool on their stance in support of Segwit on Bitcoin. So I won’t point my hashrate to them on principle. If they start to support Bitcoin Classic or Bitcoin Unlimited, I could get behind them on ZCash.

The good thing is that Slushpool leaves it up to each miner to vote how they want. When you create an account and log in you will see atop the page a voting question for Segwit (Bitcoin Core), Bitcoin Unlimited or “No opinion”… So Slushpoool leaves it up to individual miners and casts its vote accordingly.

I was surprised I could vote even though I wasn’t mining Bitcoin but ZCash.

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Cannot connect to the pool

What is in your configuration/command line?

Remember this is a pool where you create an account username (like Suprnova). That gets used instead of your wallet address.

Please refer to this link to ensure you set it up correctly:

Let me know if you’re still having trouble. I’m happy to help out if needed.

“ZecMiner64.exe -zpool zec.slushpool.com:4444 -zwal myuserName.myworkerName -zpsw x -allpools 1”
Is it correct?

Slushpool has a nice dashboard and the IOS app is really nice too.

As the pool only has about 330k hash rate, the chances of mining a block is much smaller than using something like Flypool which has a much bigger pool hash rate.

So if you do mine through this pool, and they find something, your reward could be good - but the big gaps between finding each block is going to be worrying if you are used to regular payments. At the time of writing, only 4 blocks found in the last day and nothing for the last 11 hours.

I think it shows another great confidence in Zcash to see Slushpool/the first Bitcoin mining pool extend to also allowing Zcash mining - and not ever having done the same for any other altcoins.

You have to put your username (the one you chose when you signed up to Slushpool) where myuserName is and you can just put anything you like for myworkerName

Otherwise that looks correct.

Hashrate is growing though. It’s up to 400k and rising. It mines several blocks a day so as you said while payouts are less frequent the sum of the payouts are larger.

Of course this will change. As more and more miners join blocks will be found even more frequently. A good reason to come help us find more blocks.

BTW: I’ve made slightly more per day on this pool than at Flypool or other pools. The 0% thing really helps.

seems a great pool,but I looked around that I didn’t find out any Servers Location in China,I hope this pool has a China mirror site.

Servers Location Address
USA, east coast stratum+tcp://us.zec.slushpool.com:4444
Europe stratum+tcp://eu.zec.slushpool.com:4444


I think they will add a server location in China if requested because they have two for their Bitcoin pool:
China, mainland stratum+tcp://cn.stratum.slushpool.com:3333

The ZCash pool is so new they probably just haven’t added it yet.

What I would suggest is writing to support@slushpool.com and requesting a China server. I think they will be responsive.

Good luck! and I hope you mine with us.

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I think the pool is having a bit of bad luck with only 2 blocks found in 36 hours… But that is the way it goes… I’m sure when the pool hash rate increases from the current 400 kh/s to mh/s then it will mine more blocks.

They should sell their dashboard panel though as it is really good!

I’ve been mining on Slushpool since yesterday evening, and I’m liking it! The Dashboard is great, and the pool has gotten 5 blocks in 12 hours (not that that rate is sustainable with the current pool hash rate). I would like to see TLS support for the stratum miner connections, though. People using Claymore’s miner (I don’t) get their lowest devfee only with a TLS connection to the pool, so those miners currently can’t get that on Slushpool. Optiminer (which I do use) also supports TLS connections.

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Yes, please let us know when this pool supports the SSL port for Claymore’s miner.

This is my first foray into mining coin. I started on Suprnova last week but changed on Friday when I saw there was 0% fee. It’s been excellent setting up and I’m quickly becoming an addict :wink:

Up until today I had some user error related issues but none at all with the interface. However, I have noticed it’s been very glitchy today. The only other thing I’ve noticed is there’s a random delay on payouts. Yesterday I had 4-5 payouts, but I haven’t had a single one in 22 hours, even though I’ve past the threshold I’ve set. I’ve also noticed a few 500 server errors on the site today.

Suprnova is 0% as well right now.

@jeremyf327 Is that a recent thing? I believe there was a fee when I was using it last week.

Ive been mining there for years … it is a very stable pool and first pool i ever used back in 2014, when i started mining coins when you could still use GPU’s to mine BTC at end of GPU mining for BTC .I still use the pool from time to time with my two BTC miners, i don’t use much . and started mining ZEC when slushpool sent a email …

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