Sudden Unauthorised Worker

Completely new to mining so downloaded nheqminer and got set up. Was mining fine, went out for a couple of hours, came home and my pc was off. I went into power saving menu and changed from 30mins to never). I then fired up the .Bat file, received job, submitting share and then got rejected and said unauthorized worker. I kept on trying for a couple of hours and then it randomly started accepting shares one time. I closed it and ran it again, unauthorized worker, close it and ran it again and it works. It works about 50% of the time, what is going? This is probably a nightmare to read, working nights and not sleeping + this = mind all over the place

Sorry forgot to mention i am using Suprnova

Are you cpu or GPU mining, if GPU the problem is you are using the wrong mining software


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I am using both CPU and GPU. It was working fine before which is what is confusing me. What software would you suggest for GPU? Preferably something easy to get going.