RX 480 4Gb / 8Gb – Which is better for mining? Why?

I’m around to get the knowledge to be able to choose between the two cards –
4Gb version is cheaper by around $50, which is $300 by 6 cards.
So it’s worthy to know if is it really weaker? How much?

I found the tech specs, etc… but doesn’t really find the answer about if it worths / or will worth to have the 8 Gb version.
E.g. There is a probability the optimized miners will (significantly?) perform better on that, due to more ram, or it’s really nothing to do with mining at this point.

What do you think?

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Apparently you can run several instances at once. Each one would take 1.75 GB…With 8GB you’ll have more room to play and wont be limited by the RAM…